How to do a Standalone Web Test using Test Studio

In this how to post we will see how to start Standalone Web Test using Test Studio.

Step 1

Open Test Studio and from New Test option in menu ribbon choose Web Test


You can see in the project files a Web Test has been added. If you want you can rename that by right clicking on the project and choosing the rename option.


Step 2

Double click on the Web Test project in the project files to open it on the StoryBoard. From menu ribbon select Record ->Launch a New Recording Browser. It will launch selected browser. You can select browser from the ribbon


Step 3

In browser perform some operations to test. After performing all the operation choose Run from the ribbon the run the test.


You will be asked to Save the Test.


Step 4

You can view all the steps with result.


On clicking of a step you can enable inline editing.


On the right you can see Property windows for a particular step.


You can view error log by clicking on View Log


You can see error log as following


Step 5

To see Step failure error detail click on step failure in the steps


Step failure detail is as following


You can view image of failure as following


You can examine Page DOM on clicking DOM tab as well.


Suggestion to resolve failure can be viewed on clicking on Resolve Failure


You can export result to file


On clicking of Export Result to file you will be asked to save the file.


A zip file will get saved at the given location. There will be following files inside the downloaded zipped file.


In this way you can perform standalone web testing


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