Telerik Webinars for September 2014

september_bliss__76During the 68th Independence Day, the Indian Prime Minister gave a significant recognition to the IT Professionals for contributing to the growth of Indian economy. We salute the spirit of millions of software developers and hope to continue to make their jobs easier and best of class.

In the month of September, our webinar series will cover the latest technology trends sweeping the development world. Register using the links below:

Sep 4 ’14
3:00 – 4:00 PM Connecting Your In-Premise Database to Mobile Applications
Sep 11 ’14
3:00 – 4:00 PM Best of Both Worlds – Kendo UI Integration with Angular.js
Sep 25 ’14
3:00 – 4:00 PM Consuming Azure Mobile Services for Cross Platform Application Development
Oct 16 ’14
3:00 – 4:00 PM Solving Enteprise Mobility Considerations with Telerik Mobile Platform

The audio will be streamed via the GoToMeeting. Use of headset is recommended.

On popular request, we are pleased to bring back our T-Shirt givewaway during each webinar. They now come in new cooler designs that you can wear to show your Ninja pride.

Kendo UI Core

Resources for Webinar – “Build HTML5 Sites/Apps for Free with Kendo UI Core”

On Jul 31 I presented a webinar titled “Build HTML5 Sites/Apps for Free with Kendo UI Core”. This webinar was part of the monthly webinars we do here in Telerik India. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. You will find the slide deck, video recording and Q&A from the webinar.

Kendo UI core

On April 16th, we i.e. Telerik announced the introduction of an Open Source Software called Kendo UI Core. Kendo UI Core includes 24 of the UI widgets that are found currently in Kendo UI Web and all of the widgets & features formerly available under Kendo UI Mobile. Kendo UI Core also includes the core framework features that are available in Kendo UI for e.g. DataSource, MVVM, SPA etc.

Kendo UI Core

Kendo UI Core

To know more about Kendo UI Core, head over to its page on our website here:

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

Q & A:

Here is a recap of the questions that we received during the webinar.

Q: Recently Kendo team integrated Angular JS framework in kendo UI core. Is there any dependencies to create Angular JS apps or just include kendo-ui-core.min.js and jQuery.js?
A: You need to have a reference to angular.js script file before referencing kendo script file. That’s the only dependency we have for working with angular.

Q: What about globalization in kendo UI. What we need to do for globalization support?
A: Here is getting started with Kendo UI Globalization documentation:

Q: Can we enter custom interval for date time picker time part?
A: Yes you can. The interval of the time can be controlled through interval property in minutes. Find more info here:

Q: How can I select only date from the datetime picker control that is without showing default time?
A: Date Time Picker is for showing both date and time. If you just need Date, you should try DatePicker widget –

Q: How we can implement offline behaviour of application using Kendo UI?
A: At the moment we don’t have out of the box support for offline. But you can always cache the data in local storage and use it when offline.

Q: How can I override kendo globalization and support my custom date time format?
A: Kendo has a toString() functionality which takes a predefined format or a custom format to format the date. More information here:

Q: Can I use Kendo UI Data Source in MVC application?
A: yes you can

Q: Where can I get the list of different widgets present in Kendo UI Core?
A: Take a look at this page:

Q: Is it possible to add events into the Kendo Calendar?
A: Yes. Take a look at the following demo:


T-Shirt Giveaway:

As usual we have picked two winners for our t-shirt giveaway. The following persons will get our .NET Ninja T-Shirt shipped to them.

  1. Chandra Bhushan
  2. Vinay Kumar

Congratulations. We will contact you on our email to get your address and ship it to you. For rest of you, don’t worry – we do have a lot of webinars lined up through the year.

Till next time, Happy Coding!

Partners Listing

Mobilizing your SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile – Wrap Up – Part 5

This is a wrap up blog post for my series on mobilizing your SAP data with Kendo UI Mobile. So far I have written 4 parts on this series. Here are the links to the 4 parts of this series:

Mobilizing your SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile – Get the Environment Ready – Part 1

Mobilizing your SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile – Building the Mobile App – Part 2

Mobilizing your SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile – Implementing Partner Details Screen – Part 3

Mobilizing your SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile – New Partner Screen – Part 4

Things achieved so far:

Here is a quick summary of what we have achieved so far with each part of the blog posts:

Part 1 – We took a look at the SAP demo system, got the credentials for the system and set up our environment to start work on Mobilizing SAP data.

Part 2 – We started out with building a mobile app using Telerik AppBuilder which is part of the Telerik Platform. We understood the project structure and created our first screen – Business Partners Listing.

Part 3 – In Part 2 we had built the listing of Business Partners. In Part 3 we went a step forward and built the Partner Details screen. When a Partner is clicked in the listing, we navigated to details screen.

Part 4 – we built a new screen to add new Business Partner to the system.

Things ahead:

I have provided you the basic structure of the mobile application so far. What you can do is to build upon the same techniques and add additional screens. For e.g. From a Partner details screen, we can navigate to his Orders. From Orders listing screen, we can then navigate to Order details. From Order details we can navigate to Order Item details screen. And in Item details screen we can list all the items in the order as a grid. I leave it up to you to try all this out.

Screen Shots:

Partners Listing

Partners Listing

Partner Details

Partner Details

Orders Listing

Orders Listing

Order Details

Order Details

Order Items Listing

Order Items Listing


The primary goal of the 5 part blog series on “Mobilizing SAP Data with Kendo UI Mobile” was to showcase the power of Kendo UI Mobile and the ease with which you can mobilize your SAP data. One of the highlight of Kendo UI is its ability to consume and interact with OData Service endpoint out of the box. It does all the heavy lifting in terms of read, create, update and delete.

Hope this series helps you if you are trying to mobilize your SAP data. If you need further information or want to get in touch with us to help you out – feel free to reach out to me @