ASP.NET Core + Kendo UI Core

Video: How to use Kendo UI Core in ASP.NET MVC Core

Couple of days ago i wrote a blog post titled “How to: Integrate Kendo UI Core in ASP.NET MVC Core”. You can read it here. Continue reading

ASP.NET Core + Kendo UI Core

How To: Use Kendo UI Core in ASP.NET MVC Core

In this blog post i will take a look at how to use Kendo UI Core (a HTML5 based JavaScript UI framework) in ASP.NET MVC Core. Read on to know how to integrate Kendo UI Core with your ASP.NET MVC Core in simple steps. Continue reading

Modulus (Platform as a Service)

Modulus: Commercial Docker Containers for running ASP.NET Core Applications

I have been working on .NET platform for last 15 years. I started with ASP and graduated to ASP.NET Web Forms during 2001 time frame. That’s the time when .NET 1.0 was out. ASP.NET Web Forms was super fancy web application development framework because you could do Drag & Drop development. It could run only on Windows Environment and IIS was the web server. Fast forward 15 years i.e. current time and i would have never believed in my dreams that we will be running ASP.NET on a non-windows environment. Well you read it right – you can now deploy & run a ASP.NET web application on Linux & OSX.  Continue reading