Announcing NativeScript Sessions in your City

nativescript580This month we show you how you can build cross platform native applications using XML, JS and CSS using Open Source technology called NativeScript. That’s right, a native mobile application from a single codebase!

Unbelievable as it is, we want to show you this technology in person. We are coming to your town to share this cool technology over a casual user group event.

Some topics you will learn at the event:
– How to develop Native Apps with JavaScript
– NativeScript Fundamentals, Layouts and Widgets
– Developing apps from scratch using NativeScript

To register for the session in your city click on the city name:

Date Time (IST) Venue City
Saturday, Sep 5 ’15 11:00 – 5:00 PM Microsoft India Pvt Ltd, Santacruz(E) Mumbai
Saturday, Sep 12 ’15 10:00 – 1:30 PM CSI, Off Law College Road Pune
Saturday, Sep 19 ’15 09:30 – 1:00 PM Orion India Systems Pvt. Ltd., Infopark Kochi
Saturday, Sep 26 ’15 10:00 – 5:00 PM Progress Software, iLabs Hyderabad
Saturday, Oct 10 ’15 10:00 – 5:00 PM Microsoft India Pvt India, EGL Bangalore
Saturday, Oct 31 ’15 11:00 – 2:00 PM Telerik India, Gurgaon Delhi/ NCR

** Due to limited number of seats available, we request you to register immediately for this free event.

We encourage you to carry your laptops and follow along during the session.

A big thanks to the local user group communities who have partnered with us to make this event possible.


TelerikNEXT Online Video Available for Anytime Viewing

telerik-next-logo175For those of you who missed TelerikNEXT (and that means most of us in India), you don’t have to miss out on all the announcements that came out of the hugely successful conference.

You can read all the awesomeness announced at the event here:

The text may not do all the justice to the new announcements. So, we have the video of the demos now available at:

In case you have a question/ comment on the same, please do share the same with us in the comments section.

Microsoft Developers Express Huge Interest with Telerik Technologies at TechEd India

TechEd India 2014 is the premier annual event of Microsoft conducted in Bangalore, India. This year TechEd was hosted on Nov 5 & 6 2014. Telerik India was a proud bronze sponsor at the event. Telerik presence was marked with an exclusive booth that had technical staff available to answer any questions that the community may have. The presence was accentuated with a huge backdrop with Telerik logo & design.


On Day 1, we were ready for the crowd. But the rush at the booth was not what we were prepared for. The showcase area was a big room the sponsors had their booths put up. Within no time we had a big crowd around our booth talking about the latest from Telerik technologies. Most of the talk was around our AJAX/Kendo UI suites. We give away our much loved Ninja T-shirts to the most enthusiastic lot. We had a lot of questions on our DevCloud offering as well.TechEdCrowd

Lohith Nagaraj, delivered a jam packed session on Day 2 from the main stage at TechEd India. Titled “ASP.NET MVC – Latest & Greatest So Far” the session saw over 300+ folks voting by their feet.

We are fortunate to have been a part of the last TechEds for the event will be reborn as Ignite from the next year. We were humbled by the confidence developers expressed in Telerik Technologies and will continue to deliver on the innovation in the years to come.

Telerik Test Professionals Conference 2014

 mastheadTelerik India hosted the second Telerik Test Professionals Conference(TTPC)  for QA professionals in Chennai on 4th March 2014. A quick report on the TTPC 2013 edition can be found here. A pre-conference was also organised in Bangalore on Feb 28th. The event was aimed at sharing the best practices in automation testing with the test professionals. The attendees learnt to solve common automation testing problems during the event.

Telerik understands the value of class room teaching and in person conversation with experts to solve real life test automation problems. The presenters included Jim Holmes and Dhananjay Kumar. Jim Holmes is well known expert on Test Automation and he travelled from USA to India to conduct these workshops. Dhananjay Kumar is Developer Advocate with Telerik India.

The theme of the event was “Testing for New Age Applications”. True to the theme, strategies to enable testing for AJAX, web services and mobile applications were discussed in detail during the event.

The event saw a tremendous response from testers in Chennai with over 80 attendees from various organizations like HCL, CTS, Hexaware etc. This event covered complex testing automation problems and was conducted in the format of open discussions. Attendees discussed various automation testing issue from their projects and the presenters did a great job answering them by demonstrations.

On 28th February we conducted the pre-conference workshop in Bangalore for six hours. Workshop was hosted in Manipal centre at MG road. There were 20 seats for the workshop and it was occupied by representative from well-known organizations like ITC InfoTech, Philips, PWG etc.

Bangalore workshop was aimed at manual testers and a step by step approach was followed to bring them upto speed on automated testing. The attendees appreciated the workshop and left the day equipped with the knowledge to confidently take up automated testing.

Some topics covered during the conference included:

  • Where UI Automation fits in
  • UI Automation basics
  • Getting Started With Telerik Test Studio
  • Creating hierarchy of tests
  • Test Design
  • Working with tables
  • Working with AJAX
  • Tests and Code
  • Data driving tests
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Performance overview
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing

In both events attendees learnt to solve common automation testing problems (some of them listed above) by working on the problems in the lab.

Some feedback about the event:

Telerik Session went very well. I have learned and Knew about test suite modules.” – T Satish KumarRoy, Steria

Good followup and event went on as per the agenda mentioned. ” – Ganesh Jayaraman, DuPont

the event was well organized and informative” – Vardhini, SelfServIT

Both workshops were well received by audience and there were many practical problems discussed and solved collaboratively. Curious attendees continued to engage with the presenters even after the day was over. All attendees were presented with a certificate of participation at the conclusion of the event.

We loved the experience of being able to converse with the quality professionals in person and hope to continue meeting them in various conferences and community events.

Telerik Test Studio participated at STC 2013

Learn more about Test Studio here

See Photos from Event here

We are happy to announce that Telerik team was present at STC 2013 on 4-5th December in Bangalore. We had great time talking, interacting and advocating our products to esteem audience. Telerik had a booth at the event and we witnessed great response from audience at booth.

Download 30 days free trial of Test Studio from here


It was one of the premiere event with large number of audience. There were industry known speakers and audience from profile of Test Director to junior level Test Professional.


Our Evangelist Dhananjay Kumar did two presentations at event. At first day he gave a Test Studio tool demo. Second day he had a talk on “A Look on Automated Web Testing”. In talk he focused on how to handle dynamic id and Ajax in web test automation.


We gave away more than 100 Telerik Ninja TShirts and Nexus 7 Tablet to winner of lucky draw.


We had great time at the event. If you have any further queries feel free to write us at

Download 30 days free trial of Test Studio from here

Learn about Telerik Testing Solution at STC 2013

Learn more about Test Studio here

We are happy to inform that Telerik team will be present at STC 2013 on 4-5th December in Bangalore. Do join us to learn more about Test Studio, along with other products at the event.

We invite you to join us at Telerik booth and explore Test Studio with us.


We are giving away one Nexus 7 Tablet as well at the booth. So if you come, interact and explore Test Studio with us then you have a chance to win Nexus 7 Tablet.


Our Evangelist Dhananjay Kumar will present on “A Look on Automated Web Testing”. In this session he will use Test Studio as tool to demonstrate the concepts. He will touch on following topics,

  • Getting started with Test Automation
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Ajax Testing
  • Grouping of Tests and Scheduling

We are excited to see you at event. If you have any further queries feel free to write us at

Icenium Workshop in Pune

View event photos here

Telerik India conducted a full day Icenium Day in Pune on 26th Aug 2013.


It was invite only event and 30 energetic developers attended full day workshop on Icenium. There was high energy discussions around native v/s hybrid, JavaScript or C# etc. It was great gathering of prominent and opinionated developers.

We started day with introduction of Icenium and setting up development environment on participant machines. Some of the participants preferred to work on Icenium MIST, so they did not need any installation.


Whole day we covered following topics,

  • Why Cross Platform Mobile Application
  • Getting started with Icenium
  • Creating your first Cross Platform App
  • Managing Certificates in Icenium
  • Debugging with Live Sync
  • Understanding version control and Github integration
  • Building and packaging App
  • Publishing Apps to store
  • Working with Kendo UI Framework elements like DataSource and Template
  • Consuming Services like OData
  • Understanding layout , transition etc
  • Working with Icenium Everlive

This was Hands on Lab workshop and all participants wrote codes for whole day with sheer passion.After successful completion of labs each participant got a participation certificate.


It was energetic learning day. We loved developers from Pune and excited to visit city again with more sharing on goodness of Telerik.


View event photos here

Telerik India at PUG DevCon 2013

It was 10th Anniversary of India’s one of the most prominent Microsoft User Group and as always Pune User Group did not disappoint. PUG delivered packed two days event with more than 300 attendees and 25 speakers.

More about event here

Telerik loves community and as part of our community engagement, Telerik India team participated in event.


We had a booth for both days and we had great interaction with Pune community. We loved the passion of community and discussion went on the topics ranging from Cross Platform Mobile Apps to Automate Testing. I and Telerik India country manager Abhishek Kant both presented in event.

Mr Kant presented on SPA with Kendo UI and I presented on Backend as a Service with Everlive. We gave away Ninja T-Shirts and one lucky winner got a Karbon Android tablet.

I loved passion being shown my developers around Kendo UI and Icenium .


If you were at the event and want any further discussion or demo, do not hesitate to reach us through our site or send us a mail on or

Presenting in SiliconIndia SOFTEC 2013

To present in SOFTEC I will be in Bangalore from 7th June to 9th June. Intrested in doing a demo of Test Studio for your team ? feel free to send me mail at


I will presenting on topic “A look into Automated Web UI Tests “At SiliconIndia SOFTEC 2013 in Bangalore on 8th June.

If you are attending conference then do not forget to bump at me and introduce yourself.

Read more about conference here

Abstract of my presentation

There are some misconceptions around automated Web testing. Do you really need it? Is it easy? Does one needs to know fair amount of programming to automate tests? In this session we will focus on demystifying web testing. And we will learn some best practices.

We will discuss the benefits of UI automation. We will discuss the various deciding factors of automating tests and how to prepare your application for automation. Your development team and test team need to work cohesively for the best result. We will get into detail discussion of when to automate and when not to automate a test. How do we structure and effective test project? How do we create reliable automated UI tests? How do we deal with dynamic content? How to use a data-driven testing approach? All of these questions will be addressed. This session will be combination of theoretical concepts and a live demonstration to understand best practices of flexible locators, data driven testing, modular testing, recording and executing various kind of tests.

I am excited to see you at conference. If you want me to do a demo of Test Studio for your team then feel free to send me mail on .

Visit Telerik booth at GIDS 2013 and win tablets


We are excited to share that Telerik India will be present at Great Indian Developer Conference. We will be around for all three days. We request you to visit our booth.


Along with technical presentations and discussions, we will give away 1 Micromax tablet in raffle daily.


Do not forget to visit our booth,

  • To gain knowledge on various technology trends
  • To know and learn more about various Telerik products
  • To get cool Ninja T-Shirts
  • To get a chance to win one Micromax tablet

We are helping GIDS by creating apps for the event as well. We have created apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Download apps for iPhone from here

Download apps for Android devices from here

We are excited to see you at GIDS.

You love us now please vote for Telerik Products in GIDS 2013


I am very happy and excited to share with you that Telerik Products have been nominated in different categories in GIDS 2013 . We have been nominated in 7 different categories.

Vote Here

Telerik Products are nominated as follows, Please browse to question numbers as given below tp vote for your beloved Telerik Products. Navigate here to vote

Telerik TeamPulse is nominated under Collaboration Solution category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 2.



Telerik Sitefinity CMS is registered under Content Management category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 3.


Telerik TeamPulse is nominated under Change and Configuration Management category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 5.



Telerik TestStudio is nominated under Testing category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 6.


Telerik KendoUI is nominated under Web Development category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 8.



Telerik Icenium is nominated under Mobile Development category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 9.



Telerik Devcraft is nominated under Framework category. To vote for this select this option in Question number 10.


Your love and support will help us to build better products. Take few minutes out and Navigate here to vote.

We are committed to help you in “Delivering More Than Expected “. You may have further query feel free to reach me at

Hybrid Application Development with students of G L Bajaj Institute of Management and Research

View Photos from Event here


I had exciting and overwhelming experience doing Cross Platform App Development workshop using ICENIUM with around 50 bright students of G L Bajaj Institute of Management and Research


In 4 hrs. Lab students learnt about

  • Thought Process behind Hybrid Application Development
  • How Hybrid Apps are different from Native Apps
  • When should one create Hybrid Apps or Native Apps
  • Introduction to Icenium
  • Managing certificates in Icenium
  • Creating package for Google Play
  • Working with Mobile layout, Mobile Views, Data etc.

Being a presenter for me it was nice and enchanting time interacting with students. In lab students learnt to create a Hybrid App for IPL.


Time was a constraint in the event but students were very interactive and I am sure they had learnt about new genre of mobile development that is Cross Platform Mobile Application Development.

Telerik conducted Cross Platform Mobile Application Development workshop for students in India office

View Photos from Workshop here

Download Icenium from here

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development or Hybrid Application development is gaining huge popularity among mobile application developers. Seeing popularity of this paradigm we at Telerik decided to educate about Hybrid App Development to college students. We conducted 8 hrs. Regress training session for 13 students on 2nd March 2013 in our India office.


To select students we asked them two simple questions,

  1. Where is head office of Telerik ?
  2. Why we should select you for the workshop ?

There were more than 80 students who shown interest in attending workshop. We chosen 13 out of them. Event started at 11 am . Workshop was scheduled till 6 pm but seeing high energy and enthuse of students , we extended workshop by 2 hrs more. Workshop got over at 8pm.

Students learnt mainly on following topics and created two hybrid apps titled “Twitter Search “ and “Indian States”

  • Icenium IDE
  • Kendo UI Mobile
  • Difference between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps
  • Design guidelines for Hybrid App


Day started with keynote session by Telerik Country manger Abhishek Kant. He did set up dais for the day . Students got charged and motivated for day long coding after interaction with him.


As day progressed students learnt about various aspect of Hybrid App development paradigm. They created app using Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile.

All 13 students created these two Hybrid Apps

  1. Twitter Search Application
  2. Indian State App

In order to create these two apps students learnt about ,

  • Working with Kendo UI data source
  • Working with Kendo UI Mobile ListView
  • Working with Kendo UI Template
  • Understanding Icenium IDE
  • Building and packaging app using Icenium
  • Certificate management in Icenium
  • Creating APK package using Icenium.

It was a learning day for young students with lot of fun. There was visible happiness on each face when they installed APK package on their Android devices. They were on blue sky seeing app created by them running on their devices.


For us it was great day intercating and tecahing young students on latest of the mobile app development paradigm. We are excited for more of these types of events.

View Photos from Workshop here

Download Icenium from here