Icenium Workshop in Pune

View event photos here

Telerik India conducted a full day Icenium Day in Pune on 26th Aug 2013.


It was invite only event and 30 energetic developers attended full day workshop on Icenium. There was high energy discussions around native v/s hybrid, JavaScript or C# etc. It was great gathering of prominent and opinionated developers.

We started day with introduction of Icenium and setting up development environment on participant machines. Some of the participants preferred to work on Icenium MIST, so they did not need any installation.


Whole day we covered following topics,

  • Why Cross Platform Mobile Application
  • Getting started with Icenium
  • Creating your first Cross Platform App
  • Managing Certificates in Icenium
  • Debugging with Live Sync
  • Understanding version control and Github integration
  • Building and packaging App
  • Publishing Apps to store
  • Working with Kendo UI Framework elements like DataSource and Template
  • Consuming Services like OData
  • Understanding layout , transition etc
  • Working with Icenium Everlive

This was Hands on Lab workshop and all participants wrote codes for whole day with sheer passion.After successful completion of labs each participant got a participation certificate.


It was energetic learning day. We loved developers from Pune and excited to visit city again with more sharing on goodness of Telerik.


View event photos here


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