Resources from Webinar “A Conversation Experience in your CMS with Bots”

On Nov 17 2016 we conducted yet another webinar here at Progress India. We do these webinars almost every Thursday of the month between 12PM to 1PM. This time we focused on two technology – Microsoft BOT Framework & Sitefinity. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. You will find the video recording from the webinar. Continue reading

Sitefinity CMS

Resources from webinar “Build Rapid MVC Based Web Applications using Sitefinity”

On Jul 21 2016 we conducted a webinar titled “Build Rapid MVC Based Web Applications using Sitefinity”. This blog post is a recap of that webinar.

About Sitefinity:

Sitefinity is our product which mainly caters towards Content Management. So you can say that Sitefinity is a CMS. But its much more than a CMS. It can be used as a Content Management Tool, Experience Management Tool or a Digital Commerce Tool. It provides Enterprise Capabilities, System Integrations and a Development Platform for developers. You can know more about Sitefinity on our official website –

Slide Deck:

It was one of those webinars where i did not use a slide deck. So no slides to share here.

Video Recording:

Find below the video recording of the webinar:

Hope you like the webinar. If you have any feedback/suggestions please leave a comment below.

Till next time – Happy Coding.



Resources for Webinar “Top 5 Features Customers Love about Sitefinity “

On Nov 19 2015, we conducted one more webinar. This blogs post is recap of the webinar. The topic for the webinar was “Top 5 Features Customers Love About SiteFinity”. If you missed attending the webinar live or you had to leave the webinar early – this blog post will provide you a chance to recap.

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Resources for Webinar – “Jumpstart your ASP.NET Project Development with Sitefinity Platform”

On Dec 11 2014, we conducted a webinar titled “Jumpstart your ASP.NET Project Development with Sitefinity Platform”.  This time the emphasis was on our Content Management Solution or CMS software that we have called “Sitefinity”. One of our Sales Engineer from Sofia delivered this webinar. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. if you missed attending the webinar, you will be able to catch up on the slide deck, video recording and questions from the webinar as part of this blog post

About Sitefinity:

Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) that you use to create, store, manage, and present content on your website. Content and pages in Sitefinity are multilingual and you can use one Sitefinity instance to manage multiple sites that can share content. To know more about Sitefinity, head over to this URL:

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck that was used in the webinar:


Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar:



Here are the questions that were asked as part of the webinar:

Q: Can we add custom SEO tags and page categories or type like news or blogs?
A: Yes. We have News/Blogs supported out of the box.

Q: Besides news and blog, can we have our custom page type?
A: Yes. You can create your own custom content type

Q: Is there a software available for use with our servers ? or we should use the site being used by Greg?
A: Sitefinity is a software you download. and deploy to your server. you can then design you site

Q: Is trial version available?
A: Yes. just head over to

Q: My client wants the CMS to also have workflows?
A: Workflows are supported in Sitefinity. You can create your custom workflow with Windows Workflow Foundation.

Q: RadControls are also available along with same Sitefinity licence ?
A: Yes. But its usage has to be within the Sitefinity project. You cannot use it to create a standalone ASP.NET project. The licensing terms will not allow it

Q: Is there any connector available in Sitefinity to integrate with media maintained outside, e.g. in a DAM?
A: We have connectors for SharePoint, Marketo and SalesForce. Sitefinity is all web services under the hood. you can create your own by hooking in to sitefinity events

Q: Which .net framework is required to deploy the project
A: Here is the system requirements for Sitefinity –

Q: How sitefinity can help in scenarios where load balancers are used?
A: Documented here –

T-Shirt Winners:

We have selected the following 2 attendees from the webinar (randomly) who will recieve our t-shirts. They are:

  • Anurag Agarwal
  • Sathish Potta

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you on your email and ship the t-shirts.

Till next time, Happy Coding.

Resources for webinar “ Web Content Management with Sitefinity”

On May 16 we conducted a webinar titled “Web Content Management with Sitefinity”. We pretty much had a full house on that day and we had a great show from Greg our Sitefinity Sales Engineer. We are thankful to one and all who attended the webinar and posted all your questions pertaining to Content Management System and Sitefinity in particular.


Slide deck from the webinar:

Greg did a great job in showing Sitefinity in action. So there was hardly any slides used. But if you would like to review the presentation, we have provided the same below:

Video Recording of webinar:
Also, as many of you had asked during the webinar – we do have a recording of the whole presentation. Here is the link to the video recording:

Questions & Answers:

Many of you had questions regarding the Sitefinity as a product. Here is a quick recap of some of the major questions asked during the webinar:

Q: Could you provide some website url which are running using sitefinity
A:  You can go to and look at Showcase area .

Q: is it customization friendly?
A: If you know ASP.NET WebForms or MVC – you can customize it to your will and wish

Q: what is the cost of license?
A: Take a look at pricing here

Q: What is Connector for SharePoint?
A: If you have already an investment with SharePoint you can do a two way sync from Sitefinity to SP and vice versa using the connectors. You can know more about this here:

Q: Can we add new Contents other than in built Contents?
A: Yes you can create your custom content.

Q: Can we host the website built on Sitefinity on cloud?
A: Yes we support Azure –

Q: Does Sitefinity provide any Template Designer?
A: You can always upload a ASP.NET Master Page and make it as a template for your page. We do have a online template creator which lets you design a template with complete drag and drop feature.

Q: Can we integrate external controls like payment gateway to the pages ?
A: Yes. We have a ecommerce module built it in. So integration with payment gateways is easy

Q: Can the content be Role based contents as per authentication?
A: Yes. Granular access to content is possible with Sitefinity.

Q:  Can we host MVC3 based pages?
A: Yes. we support hybrid mode of development. Meaning you can customize and have either a Web Form based User Control as a customized widget or MVC based widget.

Q: how can we control the page access rights?
A: The page themselves have access rights defined which can be controlled from the back end.

Q: Is Sitefinity limited to e-Commerce only?
A: – No. We have news/events/forums/blog etc. modules out of the box. Take a look at our showcase area to see how this is used for a real world examples.

Q: : Can I develop and apply themes on Sitefinity?
A: Yes. Sitefinity supports ASP.NET theming.

Q: Can we create CSS layout from own template?
A: Yes you can do that.

Q: Can i apply different CSS/Page modeling for different display size?
A: Yes you can. Sitefinity comes with Responsive Design Module out of the box which will let you create different rule based on where your content can be viewed. The rule will define how your content needs to be shown when rendered on those devices/screen widths and Sitefinity will automatically take care of that.

Q: Can you explain how we can add DLL reference?
A: Sitefinity source code is a ASP.NET solution. so you develop using the VS IDE and add reference like you do with any app.

Q: Other that .NET 4.0, does Sitefinity have dependency on any other third party libraries?
A: No – we use our own controls within Sitefinity for e.g. RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Kendo UI, Open Access ORM.

Q: Can i create large web application using Sitefinity?
A: Yes you can. Take a look at our showcases area to see what people have built with Sitefinity:

Q: Can we develop application by Sitefinity for my android phone?
A: Yes. With Sitefinity 6 we have a mechanism where in you can create a custom module and with one click a Hybrid Mobile Application can be created for this custom module. The app will be able to perform full CRUD on your module and since it is hybrid, it can run on all platforms and provide you with native look and feel as we use Kendo UI Mobile controls.

Q: what are the features of Sitefinity?
A: Sitefinity features are listed here: –

Q: Is any Open Source version available of Sitefinity?
A: We do not have any Open Source version of Sitefinity. But we do have Community Edition which is completely free for personal site scenario. Here is more info on what does Community Edition contain:

Q: Which version of ASP.Net does this belong to?
A: Currently Sitefinity supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Q: Does it support workflow functionality?
A: Absolutely. Custom and standard workflows, all based on Windows Workflow Foundation 4

Telerik .NET Ninja T-Shirt Giveaway:

We had promised that we will be giving away 2 .NET Ninja T-Shirts as a webinar give away. We normally pick 2 people randomly from the audience and raffle it out. So, as part of this webinar we are happy to say that the following 2 people are winners of our .NET Ninja T-Shirts:

  • Pramod Gupta
  • Ranjit Singh

Congratulations to the winners. We will be contacting you shortly as we need your postal address to ship your t-shirts. Rest of you folks, don’t worry you still have chance to win the t-shirt. Do attend our next webinar which is on May 30 titled – MVVM and Validation with Kendo UI Web.