Webinar Schedule for Jan-Feb 2017

We are at the last week of 2016 and getting ready to welcome 2017. We wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous Happy New Year 2017. We here at Progress are busy trying to bring you new learnings in 2017. Our team has been brainstorming on possible topics for Jan/Feb 2017 webinars and we cant wait to make it live. In this blog post we take a look at the Jan/Feb 2017 Webinar Schedule. So read on. Continue reading


Resources for webinar – Enhance the customer journey and increase conversions with Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud


Digital presence is not just about managing content anymore. It is understanding what your customers are looking for and delivering it through the best user experience possible.

Companies want to understand the different audiences that visit their website and create personalized messaging that will resonate with each member of these. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is the unified marketing command center that enables marketers to drive growth by understanding, and optimizing every customer’s journey.

In this presentation, we will make this come live in a real-case scenario. You will learn how to arrive at clean and understandable metrics on how your messaging affects your customers and how you can improve their experience while they’re on your website.



Telerik NativeScript

Resources for webinar “Build Truly Native Android & iOS Apps from Single JavaScript Codebase”

On Apr 30 2015, we conducted one more webinar titled “Build Truly Native Android & iOS Apps from Single JavaScript Codebase”. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. In this blog post you will be able to get hold of the slide deck & the video recording of the webinar.

About NativeScript:

NativeScript is a new technology that we i.e. Telerik have open sourced to the community. Using NativeScript you will be able to build truly native Android & iOS from a single code base with JavaScript as a language. You can know more about NativeScript from its home here: ww.nativescript.org.

Telerik NativeScript

Telerik NativeScript

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

Additional Links:

Here are some more videos on NativeScript:

NativeScript Launch Keynote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hr4E9eodS4

How NativeScript Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3_ZnWTj-NA

How to build Apps with NativeScript: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glh927vSYKo


Till next time – Happy Coding.

Resources for webinar “Front End Applications Using One Stop JavaScript Library from Telerik”

On Oct 30 2014, we conducted one more webinar as part of our webinar series. This time we looked at the Kendo UI framework and how you can develop front end applications using one stop JavaScript library from Telerik. In this blog post you will find the webinar resources i.e. slide deck that was used in the webinar and the video recording of the webinar.

About Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is a client side JavaScript UI framework. This is one package you need to build HTML5 sites or apps. To know more about Kendo UI check out the product page here: http://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui.


Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck that was used in the webinar:

Video Recording:

As with any of our webinars, this webinar was also recorded and here is the video recording:


T-Shirt Giveaway:

Following folks have been randomly selected to recieve our Telerik .Net Ninja T-Shirts. Congratulations and we will contact you on your email to ship the t-shirts:

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We still have a lot of webinards lined up for the rest of the year. Hope to see you in our future webinars too.

Till next time – Happy Coding !

Kendo UI Core

Resources for Webinar – “Build HTML5 Sites/Apps for Free with Kendo UI Core”

On Jul 31 I presented a webinar titled “Build HTML5 Sites/Apps for Free with Kendo UI Core”. This webinar was part of the monthly webinars we do here in Telerik India. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. You will find the slide deck, video recording and Q&A from the webinar.

Kendo UI core

On April 16th, we i.e. Telerik announced the introduction of an Open Source Software called Kendo UI Core. Kendo UI Core includes 24 of the UI widgets that are found currently in Kendo UI Web and all of the widgets & features formerly available under Kendo UI Mobile. Kendo UI Core also includes the core framework features that are available in Kendo UI for e.g. DataSource, MVVM, SPA etc.

Kendo UI Core

Kendo UI Core

To know more about Kendo UI Core, head over to its page on our website here: http://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui/open-source-core

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

Q & A:

Here is a recap of the questions that we received during the webinar.

Q: Recently Kendo team integrated Angular JS framework in kendo UI core. Is there any dependencies to create Angular JS apps or just include kendo-ui-core.min.js and jQuery.js?
A: You need to have a reference to angular.js script file before referencing kendo script file. That’s the only dependency we have for working with angular.

Q: What about globalization in kendo UI. What we need to do for globalization support?
A: Here is getting started with Kendo UI Globalization documentation: http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/getting-started/framework/globalization/overview

Q: Can we enter custom interval for date time picker time part?
A: Yes you can. The interval of the time can be controlled through interval property in minutes. Find more info here: http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/web/datetimepicker#configuration-interval

Q: How can I select only date from the datetime picker control that is without showing default time?
A: Date Time Picker is for showing both date and time. If you just need Date, you should try DatePicker widget – http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/web/datepicker

Q: How we can implement offline behaviour of application using Kendo UI?
A: At the moment we don’t have out of the box support for offline. But you can always cache the data in local storage and use it when offline.

Q: How can I override kendo globalization and support my custom date time format?
A: Kendo has a toString() functionality which takes a predefined format or a custom format to format the date. More information here: http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/getting-started/framework/globalization/dateformatting

Q: Can I use Kendo UI Data Source in MVC application?
A: yes you can

Q: Where can I get the list of different widgets present in Kendo UI Core?
A: Take a look at this page: http://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui/open-source-core

Q: Is it possible to add events into the Kendo Calendar?
A: Yes. Take a look at the following demo: http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/calendar/template


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Resources for webinar “Getting Productive with ASP.NET MVC5”

On May 24 we conducted yet another webinar as part of our monthly webinars. This time the topic was “Getting Productive with ASP.NET MVC5”. This webinar was a lap around the new features released as part of ASP.NET MVC5.

ASP.NET MVC5 is the latest release for ASP.NET MVC and comes with Visual Studio 2013. In order to know more about this release you can go through the official documentation here: http://www.asp.net/mvc/mvc5

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck I used as part of the webinar:

Video Recording:

All of our webinars are recorded for on demand viewing. So here is the video recording of this webinar:

T-Shirt Giveaway:

One of the benefits of attending our webinars is that you can be a lucky winner of our Telerik .NET Ninja t-shirt. Every webinar we select 2 attendees in random and those 2 get our .NET Ninja t-shirt. So, following are the lucky winners of our t-shirt for this webinar:

  • Arpan Shah
  • Prakash Kumar

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you on your registered email and get details about your postal address. We will ship your t-shirt through courier. Others, don’t worry as we have a lot of webinars planned for the rest of the year. Here is the May/June schedule that we have put up on our site: https://telerikhelper.net/2014/05/17/a-new-govt-for-india-and-new-tech-for-techies-in-india/

Till next time – Happy Coding.

Resources for webinar “Integrating Knockout.js with Kendo UI”

On 24th April 2014 we hosted a webinar on Integrating KendoUI with Knockout.js. Now a days MV* patterns are most used patterns in almost all kind of applications. Knockout.js is one of the most popular library to achieve MVVM in JavaScript based web applications.

Learn more about Knockout.js here

Kendo UI provides complete capability to achieve MVVM. If you use Kendo UI, you don’t need to use any other JavaScript library to create applications based on MVVM or Single Page Application. In this webinar we tried to show you integration between Kendo UI and Knockout.js.

Learn more about Kendo UI here

Find below slides from the webinar,



Find below recording of webinar,


I hope you find this webinar useful.

Resources from webinar Kendo UI Mobile Tips and Tricks

On Feb 13 2014 we conducted the webinar on “Kendo UI Mobile Tips and Tricks”. This blog post will provide you some of the resources from the webinar like Slide Deck, Video recording of the webinar.

Kendo UI Mobile

Kendo UI Mobile helps you to build Cross Platform Mobile or Hybrid Applications with pure JavaScript and HTML5.

Learn more about Kendo UI Mobile here

Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck from the webinar




As with every webinar, we have recorded this one too. Here is the video recording of the webinar for your leisure viewing



Thanks for attending webinar.

Resources from webinar Node.js development using Visual Studio

On Jan 23 2014 we conducted the webinar on “Node.js development using Visual Studio”. This blog post will provide you some of the resources from the webinar like Slide Deck, Video recording of the webinar and source codes used in the demo.

Download source code and slide from webinar here


Node.js is asynchronous event driven server side JavaScript. It is written in C++ and runs on Google V8 engine. Servers created using Node are high at performance and scalable. It perform File, DB and IO operations in non-blocking way.

Learn more about Node.js here

Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck from the webinar:


As with every webinar, we have recorded this one too. Here is the video recording of the webinar for your leisure viewing

Download source code and slide from webinar here

T-Shirt Give Away

Every webinar we give away two .NET Ninja T-Shirts which have become quite popular among developers. In this webinar we have selected the following 2 persons to receive our t-shirt.

  • Ishitva Goel
  • Ramesh Pyru

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you on the email address you have provided to us. We will ship the t-shirt to your address.

Thanks for attending webinar.

Download source code and slide from webinar here

Resources for Webinar “Make Windows Forms speak the Windows 8 Modern UI design”

On September 5th we conducted a webinar on our RadControls for WinForms suite. The webinar was titled “Make Windows Forms speak the Windows 8 Modern UI design”. This is part of the ongoing webinar series we here at Telerik India have been doing almost every Thursday of the month. If you want to know our webinar schedule, take a look at this blog post: https://telerikhelper.net/2013/07/29/telerik-india-webinarsmonsoon-edition/


You can know more about our RadControls for WinForms suite here: http://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx

About RadPanorama:

Telerik RadPanorama is a control that displays elements of type RadTileElement in a mosaic manner. Basically, this control allows you to represent a small amount of data in the form of tiles that the end-user is able to smoothly scroll left or right with a gesture, just like in Windows 8, and to reorder the tiles with drag and drop. With its help, in just a few minutes you can achieve Modern Style UI for your WinForms applications, similar to the Start Menu screen of Windows 8.

In the webinar I just showcased how you get started with the Panorama control. We looked at created groups, creating tiles within the group and also how to create live tiles. If you want to know more about the Panorama control, have a look at the control page here: http://www.telerik.com/products/winforms/panorama.aspx

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:
Here is the link to video recording of the webinar:

Questions & Answers:

As with every webinar, we might not have been able to answer all the questions that were asked during the webinar. We make it a practice to collate all questions asked during webinar and answer them in these recap blog posts. So here are the questions and answers from this webinar:

Q: Does this control work with windows form & even WPF i.e. xaml?
A: This webinar talks about our Panorama control for WinForms. We have a separate suite for WPF and it contains a similar control on XAML.

Q: Is there any limit for tiles in panorama?
A: No

Q: Will this work with Visual Studio2010?
A: Yes. It is supported on VS2010 environment also.

Q: Can we place tiles of one group to another group?
A: Yes. Control will automatically do that out of the box without any special coding.

Q: Can we do resizing of Tile?
A: At the moment we don’t have the capability to resize the tile similar to what Windows 8 OS provides. However during design time you can set the size of the tiles.

Q: Is it necessary to have .png format or any photo format like.jpeg or .gif will work?
A: Any image format will work. But PNG is preferred.

Q: Can we rotate the tiles ?
A: No. Moreover if you rotate you are violating the Modern UI design philosophy.

Q: If we have more tiles in a window will the scroll bar appears?
A: Yes. Panorama will automatically provide the horizontal scroll bar.

Q: The Tiles added can be independent of RadPanorama or it should be contained in it?
A: Tiles can be added directly to Panorama or can be added to the groups.

Ninja T-Shirt Giveaway:

In each of our webinars we give away 2 of our very popular .NET Ninja T-Shirts. We have picked the following 2 people from the webinar audience as the winners of our T-Shirts:

  • Farjana Parveen
  • Upendra M

Congratulations to the winners. We will get in touch with you to get your details and we will ship your T-Shirt. Rest of you folks, don’t worry – attend our future webinars to win a T-Shirt. We look forward to your presence in our future webinars.

Till next time – Happy Coding!

Resources for webinar “Building Uncomplicated Single Page Apps (SPAs) with Kendo UI”

On Jun 6th we conducted a webinar titled “Building Uncomplicated Single Page Apps (SPA) with Kendo UI”. This is part of an ongoing webinar series we here at Telerik India are doing targeting APAC region. We call this the Telerik .NET Ninja Developer Webinar Series. You can take a look at the Jun-Jul schedule here: https://telerikhelper.net/2013/05/24/telerik-webcasts-june-july/

SPA or Single Page Application is a way of building web applications which literally consists one single html page.  The application works by creating screens on the client side which is basically nothing but templates and getting the required data at different intervals as JSON payloads. So we showcased Kendo UI power and feature of building these SPA without any complication. The backbone of Kendo UI SPA is Rouer, View and Layout. So through this webinar I showcased how a SPA can be built with much hassle and very easily. Hope you go through the slide decks and the video recording of the webinar and find it useful for you.

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

As many of you have been asking, we did record the webinar. So here is the video of the webinar:

Questions & Answers:

During the webinar there were many questions that you guys had asked. We tried our best to answer as many as we can. As a regular practice, we answer all the questions in the recap post. So here are all the questions and answers for them:

Q: where we can use SPA?
A: Anywhere User experience is critical – both enterprise and consumer apps.

Q: How does grid adapt to mobile?
A: Grids are not ideal for mobile applications. You may want to use ListView if you are primarily targeting mobiles.

Q: What is an Observable?
A: Observable is Kendo UI object that is used for supporting MVVM.

Q: How can i design Grid View UI as look like Windows 8?
A: You need to put custom CSS on Kendo Grid to achieve Windows 8 metro GridView look

Q: Do we have any IDE intelligent enough for kendo?
A; If you are using Visual Studio as IDE you will be able to get intellisense. Since its just plain JavaScript you can actually use any editors even Notepad.

Q: Can we have SPA project template for visual studio? i think development can be much quicker using that?
A: We currently don’t have it. Having said that its as easy as adding a stylesheet and a JavaScript and you have Kendo UI in your application. So you don’t need a SPA template as such. But our product team will start looking towards this.

Q: All the data binding must happen in a script tag?
A: Data binding happens in model that ultimately uses Kendo UI DataSource. It saves you a lot of writing AJAX code.

Q: What is a Router?
A: Router is the back bone of SPA feature using Kendo UI. It is responsible for tracking application state and navigating between the app states. You can read more on Router here: http://docs.kendoui.com/getting-started/framework/spa/router

Q: If our SPA is having multiple window and each window is having some sort of datagrids, charts , different lists etc, say various aspects of sales info. So, in that case where should we keep the templates, in the same page or we can put those in other files?
A: Templates can be in the same page or created as a separate script files. When you create templates as different files, you can use concept of Template Loader and load the template as you require. It all depends on your architecture.

Q: Can we create models on the fly? like dynamic?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Is kendo SPA having support for nested template?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Is there any Visual Studio plugin for Kendo UI SPA, which we can get from NuGet Package Manager? if not, does Telerik/Kendo UI has any plan to develop it? – it can be very useful for developers
A: Note that SPA is a feature available out of the box in Kendo UI solution. Kendo UI is available as NuGet package but be aware of the licensing terms. Kendo UI is not a free product. It is a licensed product.

Q: How we can change the Paging to Server side? We have to pass the page numbers and other parameters?
A: Kendo UI data source can page client side by default. If you don’t want that you can set ServerPaging to true and it will pass all the parameters required for paging to your service end point

Q: What about the performance of application when will have millions of record ? How it will be able to load in one time?
A: As a application architect you need to be wary of your data limits. Single Page Application is just a design paradigm of modern Web Applications. You will need to make sure you do paging on the server especially when you have million records. So you take control in this scenario for data loading.

Q: how to implement Kendo UI on SharePoint?
A: Kendo UI is all about 2 style sheet and 1 JavaScript file. So you can create your custom webpart and make sure to package the style sheet and javascript to the right location. The widgets will work as long as the path to the style sheet and script files are set correctly.

Q: Is Kendo UI libraries Open Source?
A: Nope. They are built, supported and sold by Telerik.

Q: Can I use WCF instead of Web API?
A: Yes. With HTTP binding that delivers JSON/ XML payload.

Q: You have edited the items only displaying in grid, if you want to edit more labels or data?
A: By default, the pop up mode of editing in Kendo UI Grid uses the column displayed to create the edit form. If you need to edit additional columns, you will need to create separate edit form and work with that.

Q: Can we use Kendo UI for offline purpose?
A: Kendo UI DataSource along with HTML 5 localStorage can be used.

Q: Data can be any custom XML. How difficult will it be to bind a custom XML with Kendo controls?
A: Yes any custom XML will do. It is as easy as just mapping what node maps to what property of the schema.

Q: IS JS wrapper. available in trial version for our Kendo UI POC that we need to show to our client?
A: Yes. Trial version is available on http://www.kendoui.com

Q: How to upgrade the Kendo UI version, once the application is already deployed
A: The Kendo UI is all about style sheet and JavaScript file. So you just swap the older version files with the new version files. That’s as easy as it can get.

Q: Does licensing allow to edit the source of kendo?
A: Yes. As a licensee you get the source code and you can modify it as per your needs. But you should know what you are doing :).

Q: Is there any service for android?
A: Yes. Please refer to Kendo UI Mobile. http://www.kendoui.com/mobile.aspx

Q: What is the licensing policy of Kendo UI?
A: The licensing is per developer and we do not charge you for deployments i.e. royalty free distribution.

Q: Will this support hybrid app development?
A: kendo UI Web is for web applications. If you are looking for Hybrid Mobile App Development you should take a look at Kendo UI Mobile. Kendo UI Mobile is a mobile control set which does adaptive rendering and is one of the best tools for Hybrid Mobile App development.

Q: What is the shortcut you are using to generate code snippet?
A: I was our Static Code Analysis product called JustCode. JustCode has a feature of Code Templates. So all my demo code were created as templates and a shortcut key associated with them. When have a key stroke which makes JustCode to autocomplete the code pertaining to the short cut key.

Q: Can we dynamically change the themes?
A: Yes you can. It is as easy as grabbing the link tag and changing the style sheet to be used.

Q: supports IE6?
A: We support IE7+ i.e IE8 and on wards.

Q: How it is differ from Upshot supported by Microsoft for SPA?
A: UpShot is not a SPA framework or solution rather it is a JavaScript library to make data retrieval in JavaScript easier. Where as Kendo UI is a complete framework which supports SPA feature out of the box and has a client side data source feature which does the data plumbing between server and client.

Q: Can we able to get the data through database connectivity?
A: The data is retrieved from DB in this demo as well. You need to build a service layer with Web API, WCF Data Service or WCF or any other non-.NET technology to retrieve data from the database

Q: Can we include 3rd party libraries in SPA application?
A: Yes, you are free to include 3rd party libraries. We can’t guarantee that there will be no conflicts.

Q: Does Telerik Test Studio support testing automation of all these?
A: Yes, Test Studio supports automation of Kendo UI controls.

Q: I see you used only JSONs as data type.. what other data-types available?
A: Kendo UI data source works very well with JSON and XML.

Q: Packaging support for android or IOS?
A: If you use our cloud based IDE called ICENIUM, it supports packaging for Android and iOS platforms with just a click.

Q: What about integration with Telerik controls?
A: Sure, this integrates with other Telerik controls too. Depending on the scenario, you can mix and match Telerik technologies.

.NET Ninja T-Shirt Giveaway:

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In our endeavor to bring the Telerik technologies to each one of you, we are doing these series of webinars. Hope you are finding them useful. Looking forward to your presence in future webinars too. Till next time – Happy Coding!


Here is the GitHub repo to the source code of Kendo UI SPA demo: https://github.com/lohithgn/kendouispa/


Join me for webinar on 25th April 2013: Create faster Enterprise Apps for Windows 8 and win Telerik Ninja T-shirt

Learn more about Rad Controls for Windows 8 here

If you are a Windows Store App developer and want to quickly create Enterprise App then this webinar is for you.

Register here to attend webinar


You will learn to create Enterprise App harnessing goodness of DataGrid in this webinar.


We will follow following agenda in webinar ,

  • Introduction of RadControls for Windows 8
  • First look of all RadControls
  • Setting up environment to work with RadControls for Windows 8.
  • Getting started with RadDataGrid
  • Working with different kinds of columns in RadDataGrid
  • Working with Services in RadDataGrid
  • Charts in RadDataGrid
  • Grouping and Filtering in RadDataGrid.

Register here to attend webinar

In this webinar we will focus on Data Grid along with other controls. During webinar we will be selecting two active participants from the webinar and sending them the much in demand Telerik Ninja T-Shirt. You will be coming, right?


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Learn more about Rad Controls for Windows 8 here

See you in webinar, If you have any query reach me at dhananjay.kumar@telerik.com

Webinar Recap: Automated Functional Testing can be affordable with Test Studio

Ninja Enough? – Telerik India Webcasts (April – May 2013)


On 21st March 2013 we at Telerik India hosted webinar on Automated Functional Testing Can be affordable with Test Studio . We thank you for attending the webinar. In this webinar we tried a story way of presenting and on poll 75% audience liked that. This data was very motivating.

Find Test Studio resources at below links,

Download free trial from here

Learn more about Test Studio here

Read documentation here

In webinar, we started from scratch and did demo on

  • Recording a Test
  • Working with verification steps
  • Integrating bugs with TFS and Team Pulse
  • Data Driven Testing
  • AJAX Testing

Find below presentation from webinar,

If  you have any technical query feel free to reach me at


And for any sales related query feel free to send a mail to

Abhishek.kant@telerik.com and sales@telerik.com

Thanks once again for attending webinar. See you in next webinar.