Telerik NativeScript

Resources for webinar “Build Truly Native Android & iOS Apps from Single JavaScript Codebase”

On Apr 30 2015, we conducted one more webinar titled “Build Truly Native Android & iOS Apps from Single JavaScript Codebase”. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. In this blog post you will be able to get hold of the slide deck & the video recording of the webinar.

About NativeScript:

NativeScript is a new technology that we i.e. Telerik have open sourced to the community. Using NativeScript you will be able to build truly native Android & iOS from a single code base with JavaScript as a language. You can know more about NativeScript from its home here:

Telerik NativeScript

Telerik NativeScript

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

Additional Links:

Here are some more videos on NativeScript:

NativeScript Launch Keynote:

How NativeScript Works:

How to build Apps with NativeScript:


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Telerik Mobile Platform

Resources for Webinar “Solving Enteprise Mobility Considerations with Telerik Mobile Platform”

On Oct 16 2014, we conducted a webinar titled “Solving Enterprise Mobility Considerations with Telerik Mobile Platform”. This is a recap blog post of the webinar. In this blog post you will find the slide deck, video recording and questions & answers from the webinar.

About Telerik Mobile Platform:

Telerik Platform is a modular platform for web, hybrid, and native development that integrates a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services. This end-to-end development and project management solution provides tools and services for every stage of your application lifecycle – from idea to deployment and on-device performance. Telerik Platform integrates AppPrototyper, AppBuilder, Backend Services, Analytics, Mobile Testing, AppManager, and AppFeedback to help you solve the challenges of designing, building, connecting, testing, deploying, managing, publishing, and measuring your applications.

Telerik Mobile Platform

Telerik Mobile Platform

You can know more about Telerik Mobile Platform here.


Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck that was used in the webinar:


Video Recording:

As usual, we record all our webinars and here is the video recording of this webinar:


T-Shirt Winners:

Here are the 2 lucky persons from the webinar who have been selected to receive our .NET Ninja T-Shirt.

  • Kugan Karthikeyan
  • Siva Ayinampudi

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you shortly and ship the t-shirt. Rest of you dont worry, we still have a lot of webinars coming up. So make sure you attend our future webinars too.


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Telerik AppBuilder

Resources for Webinar “Build Hybrid Mobile Applications for Nokia Lumia Devices”

On Jun 19 we conducted a webinar titled “Build Hybrid Mobile Applications for Nokia Lumia Devices”. This was part of our monthly webinar we do for APAC region. This blog post is a recap of the webinar and you will find the slide deck used in the webinar, video recording of the webinar, Q & A section and of course the t-shirt winners details. So read on.



As part of the demo I used our AppBuilder Visual Studio extension to build a Hybrid Mobile App. AppBuilder is a service we offer as part of our Telerik Platform. Using our AppBuilder you can build iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 hybrid apps using a single pure HTML5, CSS and JavaScript codebase. You can know more about our AppBuilder here. We use our Kendo UI Mobile control as the UI control set. Kendo UI Mobile is a adaptive rendering mobile control which provide native looking UI on platform they run. You can know more about Kendo UI here.

Telerik AppBuilder

Telerik AppBuilder


As with any webinar recap, here is the slide deck from the webinar:

Video Recording:



Q: What is difference between mobile app and hybrid app?
A: Hybrid App is a paradigm or a type of Mobile Application Development technique

Q: Can mobile web apps run without net connection also what about hybrid apps?
A: Mobile Web Apps are served from a server. So if there is no internet connection on the device, you can connect to your mobile web app. Where as a Hybrid App gets installed on the device. So you can pretty much handle the scenario of no connection and show a user friendly message.

Q: What is the basic Diff. B/w cordova (Phonegap) and Telerik Hybrid Mobile Developement?
A: Telerik Hybrid Mobile Apps use Kendo UI Mobile which can adapt to the platform they are running on and provide you a native look and feel for your app. Where as when you develop an app with Cordova, you will be using UI control sets like Jquery Mobile UI.

Q: Is Cordova a standard API across all hybrid applications OR do other equivalent APi’s exist?
A: With respect to Hybrid Mobile Apps, Cordova is the  only JS API which can provide you with the device capabilities.

Q: How many platforms can we target?
A: Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Q: How much effort is required to repackage for diff platforms?
A: Using AppBuilder, you can package for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with one Button click.

Q: Are these controls free of cost?
A: The Kendo UI Mobile controls are free and open source. They are available as part of the Kendo UI Core. You can know more about Kendo UI Core here

Q: Can we develop for BlackBerry using Kendo UI ?
A: Yes you can. Kendo UI Mobile controls support Black Berry platform.

Q: Is AppBuilder only for creating hybrid apps and that too using Telerik?
A: Yes. AppBuilder is like Visual Studio for creating Hybrid Mobile Apps. AppBuilder can be used to build Hybrid Mobile App using any UI control set. For e.g. you can use Jquery Mobile as the UI control set for your application but use AppBuilder for coding, simulating and Building

Q: Does AppBuider work with VS 2012 as well?
A: Yes it does

Q: Can we add other plugins to this Kendo UI Mobile App?
A: Yes. Custom Cordova plugins can be added to Kendo UI Mobile Apps

Q: Does we have manifest file to put icons and dev information?
A: AppBuilder provides a project property feature where all meta data can be entered and during packaging it will convert it into a manifest.

Q: Where can i check other demos or source codes for mobile?
A: We have a whole list of Hybrid Mobile Application samples and can be found here.


T-Shirt Giveaway:

In each of our webinars, we give away our famous .NET Ninja t-shirt for 2 lucky audience. So in this webinar we have picked the following two folks as the winners of our t-shirts:

  • Ruth Pushpalatha
  • Rohit Vardhan

Congratulations to the winners. Those of you who did not win, dont worry. We have a lot of webinars lined up for the year. So keep coming back and try your luck.

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