Resources: Getting Intelligence in your web, desktop and mobile applications

Analytics-DataBeing an application developer means that you got to know how your app is being used in the wild by your customers. If you are a mobile app developer this is even more important allowing you to focus on the features that are most widely used.

Telerik Analytics provides you with a framework for application analytics to answer such questions. Telerik Analytics is available for iOS, Android, .NET, Windows Phone, Java, Web and COM applications.

Take a look at the below resources that would help you get started with gathering intelligence from your apps:

Slide Deck:



Telerik Test Professionals Conference 2014

 mastheadTelerik India hosted the second Telerik Test Professionals Conference(TTPC)  for QA professionals in Chennai on 4th March 2014. A quick report on the TTPC 2013 edition can be found here. A pre-conference was also organised in Bangalore on Feb 28th. The event was aimed at sharing the best practices in automation testing with the test professionals. The attendees learnt to solve common automation testing problems during the event.

Telerik understands the value of class room teaching and in person conversation with experts to solve real life test automation problems. The presenters included Jim Holmes and Dhananjay Kumar. Jim Holmes is well known expert on Test Automation and he travelled from USA to India to conduct these workshops. Dhananjay Kumar is Developer Advocate with Telerik India.

The theme of the event was “Testing for New Age Applications”. True to the theme, strategies to enable testing for AJAX, web services and mobile applications were discussed in detail during the event.

The event saw a tremendous response from testers in Chennai with over 80 attendees from various organizations like HCL, CTS, Hexaware etc. This event covered complex testing automation problems and was conducted in the format of open discussions. Attendees discussed various automation testing issue from their projects and the presenters did a great job answering them by demonstrations.

On 28th February we conducted the pre-conference workshop in Bangalore for six hours. Workshop was hosted in Manipal centre at MG road. There were 20 seats for the workshop and it was occupied by representative from well-known organizations like ITC InfoTech, Philips, PWG etc.

Bangalore workshop was aimed at manual testers and a step by step approach was followed to bring them upto speed on automated testing. The attendees appreciated the workshop and left the day equipped with the knowledge to confidently take up automated testing.

Some topics covered during the conference included:

  • Where UI Automation fits in
  • UI Automation basics
  • Getting Started With Telerik Test Studio
  • Creating hierarchy of tests
  • Test Design
  • Working with tables
  • Working with AJAX
  • Tests and Code
  • Data driving tests
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Performance overview
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing

In both events attendees learnt to solve common automation testing problems (some of them listed above) by working on the problems in the lab.

Some feedback about the event:

Telerik Session went very well. I have learned and Knew about test suite modules.” – T Satish KumarRoy, Steria

Good followup and event went on as per the agenda mentioned. ” – Ganesh Jayaraman, DuPont

the event was well organized and informative” – Vardhini, SelfServIT

Both workshops were well received by audience and there were many practical problems discussed and solved collaboratively. Curious attendees continued to engage with the presenters even after the day was over. All attendees were presented with a certificate of participation at the conclusion of the event.

We loved the experience of being able to converse with the quality professionals in person and hope to continue meeting them in various conferences and community events.

Resources for Webinar “One data for different kinds of Apps using Telerik Backend Services”

On Mar 13 we conducted a webinar titled “One Data for Different Kinds of Apps Using Telerik Backend Services”. This blog post is a recap of that webinar. You will find the slide deck and video recording from the webinar.

About Telerik Platform:

Telerik Platform is a modular platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native apps. With Telerik Platform you can do: Seamless prototyping & design, Build Cross Platform mobile applications, Comprehensive services to manage data, users and integrations, Perform automated cross platform mobile testing, Streamlined app publishing and Measure your app and user behavior.


You can know more about Telerik Platform here:

Slide Deck From Webinar:

Here is the slide deck that was used in the presentation:

Video Recording of Webinar:

As with every webinars we host, this webinar was also recorded. So if you missed attending the webinar live, don’t worry you can watch the webinar recording at your free time. Here is the recording of the webinar:

Webinar Giveaway:

Every webinar we do, we select 2 attendees and give them our Telerik .NET Ninja T-Shirt as a giveaway. In this webinar too we have 2 winners. Here is the lucky 2 who get our t-shirt:

  • Manoj Patel
  • Kalpana Thangavel

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you and ship the t-shirts. Rest of you who did not win the t-shirt, don’t worry we still have a lot of webinars in 2014. So make sure you are there in our upcoming webinars and try your luck.

Till next time – Happy Coding.