Resources for webinar “Connecting your In-Premise Database to Mobile Apps”

On Sep 4 2014 we conducted a webinar titled “Connecting your In-Premise Database to Mobile Apps”. This was part of regular webinars we conduct almost every Thursday of every month for India time zone. This post is a recap of the webinar.

One of the pressing issues enterprises often face when it comes to mobility is how to connect to an in-premise database from a mobile application. Scenario is that the enterprise does not want to move the data outside of the organization i.e. move to a cloud infrastructure. Rather they want to keep the data inside the organization but still be able to access it from a mobile application. In this webinar we look at 2 solutions/techniques to solve this problem. They are:

  1. Use ASP.NET WebAPI to create a service and host it inside the organization, expose it as a public IP behind fire wall and consume from a mobile app
  2. Use Telerik BackEnd and in particular DataLink & DataConnector to expose data as a RESTful service without writing any code

Below you will find the slide deck used for the webinar, video recording of the webinar, Q&A and T-Shirt winners.

Slide Deck:


Video Recording:


Q & A:

Q: HOw Does webAPI serve when more request  (traffic)?
A: The web server can be used to manage the web traffic. You can also create web farms if you expect more traffic.

Q: How rLinq is different from edmx?
A: It is almost the same. EF (edmx) can be used here as well. rlinq also has L2 caching support that helps speed up the application.

Q: What is the benefit of JustCode
A: More details here:

Q: What is POSTMAN?
A: Chrome extension to work with RESTful URIs. An alternative is Fiddler. More details here:

Q: How to secure Web API?
A: Options include OAuth, Cookie based Authentication, ADFS and a few more

Q: can you provide me the name of cross platform development tools..?
A: Lovingly called AppBuilder (a part of Telerik Mobile Platform). More details:

Q: Can we use this telerik platform service with our existing telerik id?
A: Yes. you can get started for free with Telerik Platform.

Q: How to do top ten records?
A: Kendo DataSource has support for querying as well. More details here:

Q: Which one is faster, techinque1 or technique2?
A: You have more control in Technique 1 but deploy bug free system faster with Technique 2

Q: Does the data gets cached anywhere or it hits the on-premise database everytime?
A: Data Link capability is a pass through service. So, we don’t cache any data. It hits the DB each time.


T-Shirt Giveaway:

As usual with any of our webinars, this time too we select 2 random attendees from the attendee list and they will receive our .NET Ninja T-shirt. So the winners for this webinar are:

  1. Pooja Cheema
  2. Gopesh Sharma

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you over your registered email and will ship the t-shirts. Others dont worry – there are many more webinars to come. So try your luck next time.

Till next time – Happy Coding.


Resources for Webinar “One data for different kinds of Apps using Telerik Backend Services”

On Mar 13 we conducted a webinar titled “One Data for Different Kinds of Apps Using Telerik Backend Services”. This blog post is a recap of that webinar. You will find the slide deck and video recording from the webinar.

About Telerik Platform:

Telerik Platform is a modular platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native apps. With Telerik Platform you can do: Seamless prototyping & design, Build Cross Platform mobile applications, Comprehensive services to manage data, users and integrations, Perform automated cross platform mobile testing, Streamlined app publishing and Measure your app and user behavior.


You can know more about Telerik Platform here:

Slide Deck From Webinar:

Here is the slide deck that was used in the presentation:

Video Recording of Webinar:

As with every webinars we host, this webinar was also recorded. So if you missed attending the webinar live, don’t worry you can watch the webinar recording at your free time. Here is the recording of the webinar:

Webinar Giveaway:

Every webinar we do, we select 2 attendees and give them our Telerik .NET Ninja T-Shirt as a giveaway. In this webinar too we have 2 winners. Here is the lucky 2 who get our t-shirt:

  • Manoj Patel
  • Kalpana Thangavel

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you and ship the t-shirts. Rest of you who did not win the t-shirt, don’t worry we still have a lot of webinars in 2014. So make sure you are there in our upcoming webinars and try your luck.

Till next time – Happy Coding.