How to ask questions in Telerik Forums?

Recently one of our customer sent me mail that how could I ask questions in Forums. She was a fresher with assigned job to work on Rad Controls for AJAX. I helped her over the call and found a step by step guide could be useful for many Telerik products users. To ask question in forums follow following steps,

Step 1

Navigate to and login with your Telerik Credentials. You should able to see your name at the right top.



Step 2

Next select the specific product for which you want to ask question. Let us say you want to ask question for any of the DevTools. From top click on Product Families and select DevTools.


Step 3

Now from menu select Community & Support and then choose Forums.


Step 4

Next you need to choose specific product. Let us assume you want to ask question for Rad Controls for AJAX. For that choose ASP.NET AJAX


Alternatively you can search in entire forum also. For that put your search term and click green Search button.

Step 5

Now you need to select category of your question. For instance if you want to ask question for Calendar control then choose Calendar from listed option. After choosing category click on green New Thread button to ask question.


While asking question following points are important,

  • · Give descriptive title of the question.
  • · Embed code using code button from menu
  • · Be specific in asking question.

At end make sure to check subscribe me to this thread such that on every reply you get a mail.


In this way you can ask questions in forum. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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