Resources for webinar “Beginning with Git Source Control for Enterprise Projects”

Git is the new source control technology that is getting wide spread adoption. In this presentation we cover the basics of Git and move on to strategies for developer workflows, source control migration to Git and Project Management with Git.



Selected Q&A from the webinar is as follows:

Q: why should we use GIT,other than its an open source?
A: Git is extremely light weight steeply reducing your infrastructure needs. It provides for offline working and has great support for collaboration. It is also very fast.

Q: Can I Save Image File (like Logos) in Git?
A: Any known file types can be saved 🙂 remember you are just storing on a hard disk 🙂

Q: In TFS… we have only one process… called “Check-in” to make it store in server…. but in Git we have Commit and Push… why both are needed ?
A: Commit is meant to check in code to a local copy. and finally when everything is ready – you can just push to remote Git repo…

Q: Can i use in .net project;for .cs file
A: Yes … any type of files.

Q: is there a possiblity to switch my working directory file from one branch to other branch..?
A: yes you can, using checkout in Git

Q: how to update code in git.
A: Git has got nothing to do with the editing. You can use your favorite editors to work with your source code for e.g. notepad or Visual Studio or anything. Git detects the changes and allows your to commit and push

Q: may I know what is the command to switch a file from one branch to another branch in my working directory?
A: From the branch where you want to switch to, run this command: git checkout

Q: Does it have any Cloud Storage option on this Git?
A: Git is a Software to manage your source code and that is why its called source control. You can host it locally on your laptop/desktop or on your own cloud. Services like GitHub or BitBucket do the same. they have their own cloud and host Git on the cloud and you can just use their service

Q: Can i use in windows azure?
A: Yes. you will need to create a VM and then install the Git software and maintain yourself. The TFS online offering from Microsoft also offers Git repos.

Q: I am having a repo in the server and other systems that will develop the code i had lost all my data in server where i will store what should i do
A: The advantage of Git is that you have many full local copies available in computers where the code has been pulled. You can use any local copy to restore the server and let others connect to the same. Also, your server infrastructure should be in such a way that you do regular backups of your Git folders.

Q: Do we have any kind of provision for restore after delete in GIT?
A: Delete is a part of the commit. You can revert to an earlier point by checking out a specific commit.

The winners for the raffle for this webinar are:

  1. Karthi Keyan
  2. NareshKumar Kothamaddi

Resources for webinar on “Easy Agile Project Management with TeamPulse”

On April 18th, we had a full house during our discussion on Agile methodologies and a concrete implementation with Telerik TeamPulse. We were overwhelmed with the queries put forth by the attendees. If you would like to review the presentation, we have provided the same below:

And if you are someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in the Agile space, we have some  breaking news.  A preview of the next version of TeamPulse (TeamPulse R1 2013) is now available as public Beta. Feel free to take a look if you are interested:

imageThe FAQs from the webinar are as follows:

Q: on which platform it should work?

A: It will work on any platform. It is web application running in browser. Some screens are not supported on mobile devices as of now.

Q: The properties – are they customizable…can we add / modify / or delete?

A: Certain properties for the requirements are customizable for example you can change what appears in the drop downs for Maturity, Certainty, etc. You cannot change the names of the labels. This is done by modifying the project template.

Q: can we track multiple projects at the same time?

A. We offer a cross project view that allows you to track multiple projects

Q: can PO be the BA ?

A.  PO is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the backlog
  2. Representing client interests in the Scrum team and get buy ins from various stakeholders

If BA can accomplish the above two, he/ she can act as PO too. Generally, PO is someone from the client side.

Q: is it mandatory to use TFS with the Team pulse?

A: TeamPulse can be used as a stand alone too. It is not necessary to use TFS for project management. If you have already invested in TFS – you can integrate with it.

Q: so where i have to use agile?

A: Where to use Agile – its up to you and your team. Agile is developmen methodology that industry is leaning to. Short sprints i.e. ideally a 15 days to 30 day sprints, where you work on a requirement and make sure you finish it to a done state. so its upto you if you want to go the Agile way or Waterfall model.

Q: what is TFS??

A: Microsoft Team Foundation Server – a source control from Microsoft ~Lohith

Q: even for new product there is a backlog..?

A: Can you please elaborate on this ?

Q: is the sprint scope defined by Scrum master or PO?

A: The sprint scope should be decided by the team based on their capability. It is important to know your team velocity so that you can deliver what you can promise. Buy in from PO is important too. Scrum Master is there to facilitate things.

Q: is some kind of automated integration available in teampulse for other telerik products?

A: TeamPulse integrates beautifully with Telerik Test Studio for bug management. While TeamPulse is built using Telerik controls, the cross project view is built using Kendo UI.

Audience Question:

Q: why the product backlog decided in the begining of the project??

A: In Agile Methodology – you identify the requirements or user stories upfront and create a log of that. That simply put becomes product backlog and once you achieve all the backlogs – you will have built your product. so thats why you define your requirements upfront. Thats one of the core agaile principles.

Q: please listout some scrum metrics

A. We offer burn down reports, velocity reports for individual projects and across projects. We also offer timesheet views and productivity views for individual team members.

Q: Do we have any video sessions for the Team Pulse?

A: We have what we call – Telerik TV – Here you can find short focused videos done by evangelists. This is a free public site. no registration required.

Q: Is there any option to track the retrospective out comes? so the team and scrum master can ensure that the retrospective points are addressed.

A. We have issues and risk to track retrospective outcomes

Q: Could Scrum be implemented in production support project?

A. While Scrum can be used in production support projects, Kanban is frequently used for this. TeamPulse can be used for managing Kanban projects as well.

Q: how we manage if task cannot be completed in a given sprint?

A: If the task hasn’t been started, the task should be assigned to the next iteration.

Q: can we do a migration from TFS 2012 to teampulse?

A: Yes we can. We now support TFS. take a look at this :

Q: Do you have some sort of mechanism to mark the user story as broken when a bug is associated to an user story?

A. Yes, it is displayed on the board that there is a bug or blocking bug. If blocking it will identified by red colored icon.

Q: if that is a new project….even then we have the backlog?

A: Yes. normally you will start with a product backlog. Then pull items to sprint backlog.

Q: how the roles will be assigned and mapped to each project ?

A. TeamPulse offers built in groups and the ability create new custom group. Such custom groups can be assigned the desired permissions in a project.

Q: We know in an agile environment, we need to respond to changes. What kind of change management process to be implemented for cost control?

A. None currently.

Q: looks like tfs can do pretty much all of these things. What advantages does this have over TFS?

A: TFS cannot give you metrics in terms of charting/gauging. You need Reporting Services along with it. And customization of those reports are not easy. TFS was not built as a project management tool – its more of a source control and task maintenance. With TeamPulse you can do project management and get health of multiple projects in one shot – which is not possible with TFS. If you are already invested in TFS, we add value as a complement to TFS rather than as a replacement. More  features can be read here

Q: Does it have some sort of notification to the task owner if any associated issues/Impediment is resolved by the scrum master? or the scrum master will get the update?

A. He can through our notification system but he will need to configure what types of notifications to receive. There are some limitations.

Q: agile is a framework?

A: Yes, it is a framework as it makes recommendations. Scrum and Kanban are specific implementations of this framework.

Q: How about the interface to manage the issue management – if we are using some other tool on the same?

A: At the moment we support only integration with TFS.

Q: Can we use Teampulse for teams working across geographies?

A: Yes. TeamPulse is an ideal solution for such teams. This is a web application and so anybody can log in from anywhere. However, the teams needs to understand the Scrum process well.

Q: What database the TeamPuse connects with?

A. MS SQL Server 2008 or above. SQL express is also supported

Q: In the test management, there was one topic called traceability. What is it?

A: Traceability lets you trace different things like for a bug – in which sprint was it logged, what was the check in against that bug, which backlog item was that .. etc.

Q: When you create a task i could see Given, When and Then statements in it. Does it have any support to BDD?

A. No, the only BDD like item that provide is our acceptance criteria for stories and bugs but not on the task level.

Q: What all support does it have for the process compliance? do we have any reports specific for the quality delivery group?

A. None

Q: Can we do a migration of data from JIRA/TFS 2012 to teampulse?

A: At the moment we support only TFS.

Q: How can priority be assigned to a task?

A. You set priorities by dragging and dropping the order they should be completed in. So, a task on the top of the list gets more priority than the one of the bottom. While creating your Sprint backlog, it is important to start looking from the top.

Q: Is there any metric to measure regression caused in a sprint?

A. None

Q: how do we maintain the hierarchy of user roles? Do we have any such hierarchy?

A. With Personal you can link them to specific relationships

Q: Can we configure the list of work items that need to be completed as part of a user story? This is just for tracking its completion?

A. Yes through creating Tasks in a user story.

Q: Does TeamPulse integrate with JIRA?

A: At the moment no. We have integration with TFS only.

Q: do we have a desktop plugin version of this tool ? some environments may not have access outside intranet?

A. It’s a web application that is self-hosted on your server. So, the access can be restricted to the sub-set of people you desire.

Q: Can we handle restricted story points? Visible only to specific people?

A. No. All stories are visible to all team members. One of the key tenants of Agile is transparency throughout the team.

Q: once an epic is split into sprintable units, what do you do with the original epic? Do you keep it with the stories until all are done? Do you retire them into some kind of epic archive? Do you just delete them?

A. No, we can only show the relationship

Q: Can I check resource assignments using team pulse…like resource utilization etc?

A: Yes. we give you resource utilization metrics built on time sheets.

Q: How would we arrive at the velocity of the team?

A: Tam Velocity = Story or Tasks completed in a sprint

Q: the project status looks cool. Burn down chart is a really nice addon over TFS.

A: Thank you. Glad you like it.

Q: Is project manager and team leads both can see how many release are planned for particular month?

A: Yes.

Q: Does Teampulse comes with Tereik Test studio or similar?

A: TeamPulse is a separate product from Telerik. So it has a separate license. !

Q: Is Team pulse compatible with Jira/ Clearcase/ Clearquest?

A: TeamPulse currently integrates with TFS.

Q: Where does the tool store all its metadata? Does it work on client-server relationship?

A. All data is stored on the SQL Database, a local XAP file is cache locally but no meta data is passed and stored in session

Q: Will developer daily need to update the story board?

A: As a best agile practice – you should burn your days hours. 🙂

Q: Is teampulse accessible via internet?

A: You can have a trial version of TeamPulse hosted by us for 30 days. You can quickly set it up at:

Currently there is no SaaS offering available.

Q: can we assign the tasks to individuals in Teampulse.

A: Yes.

Q: Didnt see a log where we can have the daily meeting minutes entered so that it can be reviewed and the end of the sprint?

A. All requirements have a comments area that is threaded and could be used for this purpose

Q: Can we handle multiple project? and multple team?

A: Yes. we support cross project views. meaning – as a manager you can set up your dashboards to see health of more than 1 project.

Q: I believe the key behind agile is having all the learning experience documented for future reference and better sprint planning do we have any such features here?

A. Issues can be have a resolutions added to them and associated with a time line such as iteration or simply tag for future retrieval.

Q: How to login access to tempulse?

A: Currently, TeamPulse is a self hosted solution. It can be integrated with your Active Directory environment or can have separate login credentials.

Q: Project Management Reports is export them as PDF, Excel ?

A: Yes

Q: is it multilingual? can it be used in other language like spanish ?

A. No. Although comments, user stories etc can be put in any language. You can only localize our feedback portal.

Q: what are the process template available in Teampluse?

A. Scrum for Team System v 2 and 3, MS Agile, CMMI and Scrum and our own TeamPulse template You also have the ability to change any template.

Q: Does it support Kanban dashboard?

A: yes. WIP is supported.

Q: is the api available for teampulse?

A. Only for time tracking and an Odata layer for the rest of the application

Q: As a Customer can a person log a bug or enhancement by Email in TeamPulse?

A: Not by default. However, integration points are available.

API for time tracking as well TFS sync and hook from our testing suite Test Studio to capture acceptance criteria

If you have scrolled down to read this, you are obviously looking for the winners of the cool Telerik T-Shirt. Though we had only planned for 2 giveaways, we felt humbled by the engagement during the webinar. We have decided to giveaway 5 T-Shirts for this webinar. We are pleased to announce the winners of the same as the below:

  1. Suman Chatterhee, Symphony
  2. Suresh Subramanian, CTS
  3. Harris Vincent, CSC
  4. Jayachandran P, CTS
  5. Salil Bhatnagar

The winners have been contacted directly and the prize will be shipped to them shortly.

Feel free to post your query in the comments section below.

How to Submit a Bug to TeamPulse from Test Studio

In this post we will see, “How could we submit a bug from Test Studio to TeamPulse?

Let us assume that we executed an automated functional test and we got the following result. Step 6 in the test failed.


We need to submit this bug to Team Pulse. To submit bug to Team Pulse double click on Red Cross and you will get Step Failure Details dialog box as shown in following image.


Click on the Submit Bug. If Team Pulse is not configured then you will get dialog box to set up Team Pulse. In this dialog box click on Set this up now


If you have already configured TeamPulse or TFS in any of the other Test Project then Test Studio remember that and prompt you that whether you want to import previous setting or you want to go with New Setup. Let us go ahead with New Setup for that click on New Setup.


After clicking on New Setup now you will get below dialog box. Select TeamPulse Server and click on Configure Selected.


In next dialog box, provide

  1. Url of TeamPulse
  2. Username and Password to authenticate to Team Pulse.


After providing credential you need to click on the Connect button. After successful authentication you will get Project to select. Select Project, Severity and Status from drop down. At last click on Done button.


If you have successful connected to Team Pulse, you will get Green Right icon next to TeamPulse. Check on check box to make it default and click on Donebutton.


Next you will be prompted to dialog box to submit the bug.


Before submitting bug, you can Edit Title and Description of the Bug. If you want to submit files related to Failure details then check the check box Attach Failure details. To submit the bug, click on Submit button.

You will get successful message on successful submission of bug from Test Studio to TeamPulse


In this way you can submit bug to TeamPulse from Test Studio. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading