Resources for webinar “Beginning with Git Source Control for Enterprise Projects”

Git is the new source control technology that is getting wide spread adoption. In this presentation we cover the basics of Git and move on to strategies for developer workflows, source control migration to Git and Project Management with Git.



Selected Q&A from the webinar is as follows:

Q: why should we use GIT,other than its an open source?
A: Git is extremely light weight steeply reducing your infrastructure needs. It provides for offline working and has great support for collaboration. It is also very fast.

Q: Can I Save Image File (like Logos) in Git?
A: Any known file types can be saved 🙂 remember you are just storing on a hard disk 🙂

Q: In TFS… we have only one process… called “Check-in” to make it store in server…. but in Git we have Commit and Push… why both are needed ?
A: Commit is meant to check in code to a local copy. and finally when everything is ready – you can just push to remote Git repo…

Q: Can i use in .net project;for .cs file
A: Yes … any type of files.

Q: is there a possiblity to switch my working directory file from one branch to other branch..?
A: yes you can, using checkout in Git

Q: how to update code in git.
A: Git has got nothing to do with the editing. You can use your favorite editors to work with your source code for e.g. notepad or Visual Studio or anything. Git detects the changes and allows your to commit and push

Q: may I know what is the command to switch a file from one branch to another branch in my working directory?
A: From the branch where you want to switch to, run this command: git checkout

Q: Does it have any Cloud Storage option on this Git?
A: Git is a Software to manage your source code and that is why its called source control. You can host it locally on your laptop/desktop or on your own cloud. Services like GitHub or BitBucket do the same. they have their own cloud and host Git on the cloud and you can just use their service

Q: Can i use in windows azure?
A: Yes. you will need to create a VM and then install the Git software and maintain yourself. The TFS online offering from Microsoft also offers Git repos.

Q: I am having a repo in the server and other systems that will develop the code i had lost all my data in server where i will store what should i do
A: The advantage of Git is that you have many full local copies available in computers where the code has been pulled. You can use any local copy to restore the server and let others connect to the same. Also, your server infrastructure should be in such a way that you do regular backups of your Git folders.

Q: Do we have any kind of provision for restore after delete in GIT?
A: Delete is a part of the commit. You can revert to an earlier point by checking out a specific commit.

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