Resources for Webinar “Top 5 Features Customers Love about Sitefinity “

On Nov 19 2015, we conducted one more webinar. This blogs post is recap of the webinar. The topic for the webinar was “Top 5 Features Customers Love About SiteFinity”. If you missed attending the webinar live or you had to leave the webinar early – this blog post will provide you a chance to recap.

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How To: Use Pre-populated SQLite DB in your Hybrid Apps

In my job as an Evangelist, i speak to numerous customers of ours. Many a times the customer is in an evaluation mode. They are trying out our tools and have plenty of questions on their mind. My job is to talk to them, understand their problem and provide a solution. I must say I love this exercise, as i get to hear a new problem with every new customer we talk to. Figuring out a solution to a challenge is always a happy moment. Today we discuss one such problem that a customer was facing with respect to Hybrid Mobile Apps.

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