Setting Development Environment in Visual Studio 2010 using NuGet for KendoUI

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In this post we will walkthrough on setting up development environment in Visual Studio 2010 by installing NuGet package of KendoUI. To start with launch Visual Studio and create Web Application project.


Now delete Default.aspx, About.aspx,Site.master files from the project.


After deleting files right click on solution explorer and click on Manage NuGet Package.


In Mange NuGet Packages windows search for KendoUIWeb. After searching once you get the package click on Install button to install all Kendo UI Web components to the project.


After clicking on Install, you should get Installing window as following. After successful installation close Mange NuGet Packages windows.


Once KendoUIWeb has been installed you will find KendoUI JS files has been added in Scripts folder and KendoUI CSS files along with images has been added to a kendo subfolder inside Content folder.


Once all the required files have been added to the project, next add a Web Form. To add a web Form right clicks on solution explorer and click on Add New Item. Choose Web Form from Web tab .


Now we need to add reference of Kendo on the Web Form. To get started with development add minimal you need to add below references on the page.


After adding all the references you are all set to start development using Kendo UI. Read more on Kendo UI here


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