Resources from webinar Node.js development using Visual Studio

On Jan 23 2014 we conducted the webinar on “Node.js development using Visual Studio”. This blog post will provide you some of the resources from the webinar like Slide Deck, Video recording of the webinar and source codes used in the demo.

Download source code and slide from webinar here


Node.js is asynchronous event driven server side JavaScript. It is written in C++ and runs on Google V8 engine. Servers created using Node are high at performance and scalable. It perform File, DB and IO operations in non-blocking way.

Learn more about Node.js here

Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck from the webinar:


As with every webinar, we have recorded this one too. Here is the video recording of the webinar for your leisure viewing

Download source code and slide from webinar here

T-Shirt Give Away

Every webinar we give away two .NET Ninja T-Shirts which have become quite popular among developers. In this webinar we have selected the following 2 persons to receive our t-shirt.

  • Ishitva Goel
  • Ramesh Pyru

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you on the email address you have provided to us. We will ship the t-shirt to your address.

Thanks for attending webinar.

Download source code and slide from webinar here