Webinar Recap: Automated Functional Testing can be affordable with Test Studio

Ninja Enough? – Telerik India Webcasts (April – May 2013)


On 21st March 2013 we at Telerik India hosted webinar on Automated Functional Testing Can be affordable with Test Studio . We thank you for attending the webinar. In this webinar we tried a story way of presenting and on poll 75% audience liked that. This data was very motivating.

Find Test Studio resources at below links,

Download free trial from here

Learn more about Test Studio here

Read documentation here

In webinar, we started from scratch and did demo on

  • Recording a Test
  • Working with verification steps
  • Integrating bugs with TFS and Team Pulse
  • Data Driven Testing
  • AJAX Testing

Find below presentation from webinar,

If  you have any technical query feel free to reach me at


And for any sales related query feel free to send a mail to

Abhishek.kant@telerik.com and sales@telerik.com

Thanks once again for attending webinar. See you in next webinar.


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