Resources for webinar “Integrating Knockout.js with Kendo UI”

On 24th April 2014 we hosted a webinar on Integrating KendoUI with Knockout.js. Now a days MV* patterns are most used patterns in almost all kind of applications. Knockout.js is one of the most popular library to achieve MVVM in JavaScript based web applications.

Learn more about Knockout.js here

Kendo UI provides complete capability to achieve MVVM. If you use Kendo UI, you don’t need to use any other JavaScript library to create applications based on MVVM or Single Page Application. In this webinar we tried to show you integration between Kendo UI and Knockout.js.

Learn more about Kendo UI here

Find below slides from the webinar,



Find below recording of webinar,


I hope you find this webinar useful.


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