Tips to Improve Database Connectivity in .NET Applications

connection_string_iconWhen it comes to Data Access performance of .NET application, many people focus on the tuning and optimizing the Backend datasources. But there is lot to gain from just tuning your connectivity solutions for the need of your application.
This presentation focuses on how to tune your ADO.NET connectivity solution to get the best performance out of them.


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Visual Studio 2015

Resources for webinar “New Features in Visual Studio 2015”

We finished yet another webinar here in Telerik India on Jan 21 2016. If you are new to TelerikHelper let me tell you that we conduct webinars for the awesome developer community out there almost every Thursday of the month from 12PM to 1PM IST. You can check out Jan/Feb schedule here. We keep posting monthly schedules on our TelerikHelper website. So keep a close watch on this site. Continue reading