Visual Studio 2015

Resources for webinar “New Features in Visual Studio 2015”

We finished yet another webinar here in Telerik India on Jan 21 2016. If you are new to TelerikHelper let me tell you that we conduct webinars for the awesome developer community out there almost every Thursday of the month from 12PM to 1PM IST. You can check out Jan/Feb schedule here. We keep posting monthly schedules on our TelerikHelper website. So keep a close watch on this site.

On Jan 21 2016 we conducted a webinar titled “New Features in Visual Studio 2015”. Idea was to let you the developer know about some of the new features that Microsoft has introduced in Visual Studio 2015 IDE. This blog post is all about recapping the webinar. You will find the slide deck used and the video recording of the webinar here. Hope you find the webinar useful and learn new things from it.

Slide deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar which you can watch at your leisure time:

Hope this webinar has given you an insight into some of the new features that Visual Studio 2015 provides you. If you have any suggestions/feedback do let us know through your comments below. We look forward to your presence in our future webinar also.


Till next time – Happy Coding.



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