How to use existing Test Scripts to create new test in Test Studio

Learn more about Test Studio here

In one of customer demo, I came across a question that how we could use test scripts recorded on different machine or rather an existing test script to create a new test in Test Studio.

This can be done very easily in Test Studio. Each Test Project in Test Studio can be opened in File system. Let us say you want to use Test1 to create another test. So right click on Test1 and from context menu select Show in Windows Explorer


On File system you will find Test Studio Test file. You need to use this Test Studio Test File to create new test with existing scripts.


Next to use existing test script, right click on Test Project you get option to Add Existing Test in content menu.


Browse to existing Test Studio Test File you want to use to create new test. Select Test File click on Open.


On clicking on Open you will find that you have created new test with existing test. Newly created test will have same name as of existing test. If you want you can rename test by right clicking on the test and selecting rename option from context menu.

So just we learnt that it is very simple to use existing test scripts to create new test in Test Studio. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.

Learn more about Test Studio here


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