Downloading and Setting up environment to work with RadControls for Metro

You can download RadControls for Metro from here . RadControls are available in both HTML and XAML flavor.


After downloading, you should get Telerik Installer. You have options to select trial version of other products as well. Checks the checkbox of Windows 8 and click on Ok Let’s do it


Accept the term and conditions and Go to Next Step


If you already have an account login using that else register yourself and click on Install.


Once successfully installation done, you should be getting the following window.


After installation you should get two demo solution created. One for HTML and one for XAML project template.


Go ahead and open visual studio solution of your choice of language. And run it either on local machine or Simulator.


Click on any control. For example I have clicked on Gauge control


If you want to see the codes behind this control select Show Code from the app bar


You should able to see the code. From drop down choose CSS, HTML or JS file.


So here you got all the demo and source code associated with that to get it started. Now start playing with controls and since it is still in Beta version you may have some feedback to product team. I later post we will explore each controls one by one.


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