Webinar : Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer – Just Mock

Telerik India in a new initiative has started a series of webinars known as “Telerik tools for the Ninja Developer – The Series”. We have already completed 3 webinars as part of the series which includes Kendo UI, Just Code and Test Studio.

Continuing the series we are hosting a webinar on Aug 29 for Asia region. Here is the details of the webinar:

Title: Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer : Just Mock

Date: Aug 29 2012

Time: 3PM – 4PM IST

(Note: click on the title above to get to the registration link)

Do you avoid running your unit tests for fear they will never be complete? Do you wish for a better way? Well, look no further! With Telerik JustMock, you can make sure your code works as intended and be out of the office in time for happy hour. In this session, you will learn how to separate dependencies to make your tests run faster with JustMock Lite. You will then learn how the full edition of JustMock is used to tackle those hard-to-reach bits of code. Whether you’re new to unit testing, new to mocking, or just looking for a better way, this webinar is for you!


JustMock is an easy, fast, feature rich framework for creating unit tests. This complete mocking tool allows for mocking of non-virtual methods, non-public members, sealed classes and static methods and classes – all within one simple API. JustMock is the easy and fun way to test your code – anyone can mock with JustMock!

So join me as I take you through a tour of Just Mock and Unit Testing. Hope you will be there and will enjoy the ride. So what you waiting for – book a seat for yourself now. Register here.

See you at the webinar. Happy coding!


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