Setting up environment for Load Testing in Test Studio

In this post we will follow step by step approach to setup environment for Load Testing in Test Studio. Very first go to Program ->Telerik ->Test Execution and open Configure Load Test Services


Next you will get dialog box to configure the services.


In this dialog box you need to make sure that all the services are started and most importantly make sure that you have given correct database instance name in the Reporter Database Connection setting


In above case kumar is the database server name running on my machine. So I provided instance name kumar\sqlexpress. You do not need to create TestStudioReportingDB database manually. Test Studio will create this database in given database server. After making sure all the information is provided correctly click on Ok to restart all the services.

Next open Test Studio and create a test of type Load Test. Very first you will get following screen


Click on Okay and from the ribbon click on Manage


Here you got an option to Add Controller and manage the number of Virtual users. To Add Controller click on Add Controller button


In Add Controller dialog box give the name of the computer or IP of the computer you want to set as controller and click on Test Connection. After successful connection click on the Add button to add a controller


On the successful adding of controller you need to set the number of Virtual Users for the Controller as following. We have added 258 virtual users in this controller


Next we need to set Controller and Reporter. Select the computer from drop down and click on the connect button.


After successful connect you can see green signals beside Controllers, Reporters and Agents.


All three green signals imply that environment for load testing in Test Studio has setup successfully. Now you can go to design and create ass cases to perform Load Testing


One thought on “Setting up environment for Load Testing in Test Studio

  1. Can’t add more than 1 load agent

    I have a trial version installed on my machine as “complete install” and another trial on a virtual box just with load agent but can’t see the agent on the virtual box displayed as agent on the load test environment view

    Help please

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