How to encrypt information while testing in Test Studio?

Let us assume that you are doing automated test of login functionality. While executing the test you want to encrypt the Password information provided by the user to authenticate. Test Studio allows you to encrypt the vital information in the test steps.

Suppose you have recorded a login test as following. If you see in step 4 password is displayed in the plain text.



If you want to encrypt this information select the step and open the property. Open the property window for enter password step and navigate to Behavior tab. At the top of property window you can verify that for which step property is open. You see that Encrypt behavior value is set to false.



To encrypt the password you need to change value of Encrypt to true.


After changing this value when you navigate back to test steps, you will find password has been encrypted


So in this way you can encrypt vital information while executing the test. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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