How to fetch data of selected item in KendoUI Mobile ListView

In this post we will take a look on how to read data value of selected item in KendoUI Mobile ListView. Let us say you have a ListView as given in following image,


As you see that there is button in each ListView item and on click of the button you need to fetch the selected phone number to make a call.

Above ListView can be created as following,

<div data-role="view" id="policestationview">

<ul data-role="listview"


In above view

  • Data source is set to somedata
  • Data Template is set to sometemplate
  • Most importantly data-click is set to a JavaScript function

Now in function you can fetch selected item on click event of ListView as following,


In above code snippet phonenumber and name is properties of the array set as the data source of the listview. For your reference datasource is as following. You can see that name and phonenumber are properties of the array used to create datasource.

var dataarray = [

{ name: "Darya Ganj", phonenumber: " 01123274683", group: "CENTRAL" },
{ name: "Kamla Mkt", phonenumber: "01123233743", group: "CENTRAL" },
{ name: "I.P. Estate", phonenumber: "01123318474", group: "WEST" }


var somedatasource = new
data: dataarray,
group: "group"


In this way you can fetch data of slecetd itm of KendoUI Mobile ListView. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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