Webinar Recap: Create faster Windows Store Enterprise Apps


On April 25th we had full house in webinar Create faster Enterprise Apps for Windows 8 . It was very overwhelming exciting discussion with attendees. In webinar we focused on DataGrid and Chart.

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In webinar we discussed

  • Different Windows 8 development paradigm
  • Setting up project to work with RadControls
  • Working with Charts in JavaScript based Apps
  • Working with DataGrid in Xamls based Apps

Here is the slide deck of webinar

During this webinar we had a lot of questions and I am trying to address them here:

Full form of WinRT?

WinRT stands for Windows RunTime

WinRT is common for both Windows 8 & Windows 8 Phone?

No WinRT is not common for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. WinRT is part of Windows 8 Operating System.

Can existing .NET apps built on win xp or win 7 can we executed in win 8

Yes existing .NET apps can run on Windows 8 as desktop applications. There are two kinds of apps run on Windows 8. They are Metro/Windows Store Apps and Desktop apps. Any existing .NET apps from earlier version of Windows runs as desktop app on Windows 8

Is Silverlight supported on Windows 8 IE browsers?

No Silverlight is not supported on metro version of IE on Windows 8

Which Framework of .NET do we need for RadControls for Windows 8

RadControls for Windows 8 are supported on version 4.5

Can we use RadControls for Windows 8 in MVVM architecture?

Yes you can use them in App creating using MVVM architecture.

Can we sort the column in RadDataGrid control?

Yes sorting is implemented by default. On clicking column headers you can sort a column

In case we purchase rad controls today for $599, after august will we be eligible to get addition controls.if yes, do we need to pay more?

If you buy now you need to pay $599 and you will get all controls getting added till August. You do not need to pay anything extra then

Does grid support combobox, checkbox at cell level?

Yes you can add them. You can add any controls in TemplateColumns.

Is it possible to retrieve data from Windows Azure and result will display in Chart Rad Controls?

Yes you can retrieve data from Windows Azure. There are many options by which you can connect with Windows Azure

  • Creating a Service layer and accessing Windows Azure Services via Service
  • Using Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Windows Azure SDK for Windows 8

Can we use ado.net or asp.net web api instead of wcf for linking to database?

Yes you can use ASP.NET Web API but you cannot use ADO.Net directly in Windows Store apps

Also, we had promised to attentive members from the audience will get our Telerik Ninja t-shirt. Well here are 2 winners we picked:

  1. Jaffar A
  2. Pramod Gupta

Congratulations to the winners and we will be getting in touch with you soon. Hope you liked this webinar and we hope to see you back in our future webinars.

Download Demo Codes of Webinar

Learn more about RadControls for Windows 8

Download Trial version



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