Recap of webinar: Building Windows Phone 8 Apps using Kendo UI

Download Source Code and Slides from here


On 23rd May 2013, we at Telerik India hosted a webinar on “Building Windows Phone 8 Apps using Kendo UI Mobile”. This webinar received great response from audience and we had around 150 developers attending webinar. Participants were very active during webinar and there were a flood of questions around Windows Phone 8, Coredova and Kendo UI.

We discussed following topics in webinar,

  • What is Hybrid App
  • Why we need Hybrid App
  • Setting Visual Studio2012 to develop Wp8 apps using coredova
  • Setting WP8 App project to work with Kendo UI

In demo part we covered following topics,

  • Creating Kendo Datasource
  • Consuming OData and REST Srervice in Kendo Datasource
  • Working with Kendo Template
  • Working with Layout , Views
  • Working with dynamic navigation

We learnt and experienced that how easily a developer could work with all complexities such that consuming services, navigating between views, working with layouts rendering native to WP 8, adaptive rendering etc. using Kendo UI Mobile.

If you create a Hybrid App for Windows Phone 8 using KendoUI Mobile and Coredova then with minimal or zero effort you can publish same app as iPhone app and Android App.


You can watch recorded webinar below,

As you can see in recorded webinar that we focused on writing codes and shown you how easily and quickly a Marketplace ready Windows Phone 8 app can be created using Kendo UI.

Download Source Code and Slides from here

You can revisit presentation of webinar below,

If you want us to do webinar on a particular topic related to Telerik products then feel free to send is mail at

Download Source Code and Slides from here

We had promised that we will be giving away 2 .NET Ninja T-Shirts as a webinar give away.


We normally pick 2 people randomly from the audience and raffle it out. So, as part of this webinar we are happy to say that the following 2 people are winners of our .NET Ninja T-Shirts:

  1. Ramu Naik
  2. Ardhendusekhar Kanungo

Congratulations to the winners. We will be contacting you shortly as we need your postal address to ship your t-shirts. Rest of you folks, don’t worry you still have chance to win the t-shirt. Do attend our next webinar which is on May 30 titled – MVVM and Validation with Kendo UI Web. Register for that webinar here

Download Source Code and Slides from here



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