Resources for Webinar “MVVM & Validation using Kendo UI in Web Applications”

On May 30 we conducted a webinar titled ”MVVM & Validation using Kendo UI in Web Applications”. We had around 600+ registrations for this webinar. We were very excited that many of you felt that the topic is an interesting one. So we are thankful to all of you who made it to the webinar. Hope you found the webinar useful and that it will be helpful in your day to day work.


Slide deck from the webinar:

If you missed attending the webinar, here is a chance to recap it through the slides. Here is the slide deck if you want to download:

Video Recording of webinar:

Many of you had asked if the webinar was recorded. Yes we do record all our webinars and here is the recording of this webinar. Hope this gives you a chance to catch up with the webinar:

Questions & Answers:

Many of you had a lot of questions during the webinar. We did try our best to answer many of them. So we are making sure that we address each one of them through this post. Here are the questions asked during the webinar and answers for the same:

Q: I am a .Net/Silverlight developer. What is the Usage of Kendo UI

A: Kendo can be used to develop HTML 5 apps. More details at:

Q: Can we use Kendo UI for Windows mobile or only for Androids?

A: Kendo UI Web can be used for Web App development. Kendo UI Mobile controls can be used for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps for multiple platforms i.e. iOS, Android, BB, WP8

Q: Can we use the Kendo UI using C# using .net ?

A: Kendo UI Web & DataViz provide server side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC. So you can program with your comfort of C# & Razor.

Q: Can we develop the Kendo Mobile Project on visual studio IDE, right?

A: Yes you can. Since its just a couple of stylesheet and  javascript, you can always use any editor of your choice. For Hybrid Mobile Application development we also have a cloud based IDE called Icenium –

Q: By Kendo UI we can create widget – like calender, grid etc

A: Yes you can, though it is only one of its capabilties. Kendo UI Web already provide close to 20+ widgets out of the box. The demos for the available widgets can be found at:

Q: Is Kendo UI support all the browsers currently available?

A: We support the following – Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox ESR, Chrome, Safari 5+, and Opera 11+.

Q: Is it mandatory to use MVVM with Kendo UI?

A: No it is not. Kendo UI does support MVVM if you need it.

Q: Is Kendo UI a free version

A: No, Kendo is a paid product. You can

Q: So what is the next roadmap for Kendo?

A: Available here:

Q: Does Icenium stores my code in a cloud based storage?

A: Yes. It does. The code is stored in Telerik servers. If you do not like our cloud, you can get a GitHub account and integrate Icenium with GitHub.

Q: Is Kendo UI like knockout.js, etc.,?

A: Knockout,js is a JavaScript library for supporting databinding on client side. Where as Kendo UI is a framework which supports the data binding out of the box. So you don’t need any extra library to support databinding and Kendo UI is the only thing you need.

Q: Can it run out of the browser?

A: it runs in the browser only. the browser can be on desktop or on mobile.

Q: So, If I use Kendo UI reference then we do not have to explicitly use jQuery.js reference?

A: Kendo UI depends on JQuery. So you will need to first reference JQuery and then Kendo UI scripts.

Q: In what all flavors(commercial) is Kendo available?

A: Details available here: You can contact us at in case you want to make a purchase for yourself / organization.

Q: Does Kendo UI has specific framework for mobile ?

A: One part of Kendo UI known as Kendo UI Web is geared for mobile:

Q: What is this Kendo UI Framework, key points?

A: Marketing folks have done a good job and the features are provided here:

Q: Can we use MVVM pattern in normal web application?

A: Sure you can, using JavaScript.

Q: So what’s more beneficial to use KENDO UI rather than other available UI tool

A: 1. It is a fully integrated framework (data, UI, MVVM, charts, mobile) 2. Works better 3. Is continuously updated 4. Fully supported.

Q: Which all .Net framework version does Kendo UI supports?

A: Kendo UI Web is server technology obnoxious. Kendo UI is a HTML5 based client side framework. All you need is 2 stylesheet and a JavaScript. But we do provide Server Side Wrappers for ASP.NET MVC 3+.

Q: Does older versions of Visual Studio supports Kendo UI?

A: JavaScript API of Kendo can be used with any IDE (older versions of VS or Eclipse or Notepad)

Q: If i want by pass MVVM and use standard approach / does it support that , What is the licensing model with Kendo?

A: You can use Kendo UI without MVVM as well. MVVM is available in case you need it. Licensing is on a per developer basis.

Q: After getting product, is there any charge for support or maintenance from Kendo UI team?

A: The licenses are perpetual in nature. If you want product updates and support from the team, you have to maintain an active subscription by paying a renewal fee.

Q: Can we update the theme?

A: Yes. By simply changing the CSS file. And you can create your custom themes as well.

Q: Does Kendo UI has dependency on jQuery?

A: The only dependency Kendo UI has is that on JQuery and nothing else.

Q: Kendo provides any database also ?

A: No. Data has to be available over a Web Service. Kendo provides a client side data connectivity solutions.

Q: So after getting this product, is any training or demo free from kendo team?

A: A good getting started tutorial is available as Kendo Dojo: You can also request training from the product team as a paid activity.

Q: For email field, can we place two messages, suppose one for mandate entry and another for the format, ex: email is required and invalid email format?

A: Yes you can. you can use data-email-msg format to provide a message when email format fails.

Q: where can I view the old videos?

A: Telerik India Webinar resources: More Videos at:

Q: Definitely Kendo UI reduces the development effort. Can you quantify? How much it will reduce ?

A: We estimate this to be in the range of 20-30%.

Q: Does kendo use Knockoutjs for MVVM?

A: Nope. Kendo has its is own framework for MVVM. Doesn’t use KO.

Q: can we access server objects like sessions and application variables using Kendo?

A: No. Because Kendo UI is a client side framework.

Q: Do i need to download anything to use Kendo UI in VS2010?

A: Kendo UI can be used in 2 ways. Pure JavaScript way – for which you will  need the stylesheet and JavaScript. We provide Server Side Wrappers for ASP.NET MVC 3+. That will let you code Kendo UI from server side.

Q: More specific to Kendo UI : Does it take advantage of HTML5?

A: Kendo UI is based on HTML5 based. So we make use of HTML5 features to the core.

Q: How do we integrate web services in REST based calls in Kendo UI data binding?

A: Kendo UI has a feature known as Data Source. So this data source can be configured with CRUD endpoints and rest of the things will be done by the data source.

.NET Ninja T-Shirt Giveaway:

If you have been following our webinars you will know by now that we have been raffling out 2 .NET Ninja T-Shirts in each of our webinar. So we pick the following two people to receive our t-shirt for this webinar:

  • Mirang Parikh
  • Mohanrao Theeda

Congratulations to the winners. We will be contacting you shortly with the email you have provided. We will be shipping you your t-shirt. Rest of you folks don’t worry, we still have many more webinars to come. So make sure you attend without fail.

Till next time, Happy coding.


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