Telerik Mobile Testing

Resources for Webinar – Mobile Testing with Telerik Tools

Proliferation of Mobile Devices have lead to many mobile applications. Testing of these mobile applications require a new approach and new tools. In this webinar, we have covered the same.

About Telerik Mobile Testing:

Telerik Mobile Testing is an automated testing solution for native, hybrid, and web apps. Write one coded test on the desktop and execute it against any supported devices and clients, including an iOS native app, Android native app, hybrid app(Android/iOS/WP), mobile browser, and desktop browser. These coded tests are written in JavaScript. To know more about Telerik Mobile Testing, check this link.

Telerik Mobile Testing

Telerik Mobile Testing

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

The recorded video of the webinar is available below:

Q & A:

Q: Do we to write separate code for android and ios?
A: The operation will be different for different platform. but you write one test or spec.

Q: Can we create multiple agents and run on multiple agents?
A: Yes. supported. You can take a look at this video:

Q: Do we need to know android coding before?
A: Nope. You just need to know how to access a particular element from the screen . we have a query syntax

Q: what would be the cost of Telerik framework?
A: Pricing is available here:

Q: Web application load-performance testiing can it be possible using Telerik Test Studio?
A: Yes. Teleik Test Studio can perform automated testing of any web pps which includes functional/load/performace – all with one software

Q: If I write code for ios and andriod under one spec can i run it seperatley for each of the platform?
A: When you write a test – you can have platform specific instruction written under the same test. The test runner will execute the appropriate instruction depending on the platform.

Q: How are elements located?
A: by tagname, by clasname, by id, by XPATH also

Q: How to lacate elements in app?
A: With our framework – it doesnt do auto detection. we assume you know the id or tagname or classname or xpath to locate a element

Q: Can parameterization is possible using Telerik Test Studio? Want to check login scenario with multiple users
A: Yes. Absolutely – data driven testing is supported.

T-Shirt Winners:

As with any of our webinars, we have selected the following 2 attendees randomly who will receive our .NET Ninja T-Shirt.

  • Rajitha K
  • Kapil Chabra

Congratulations to the winners. You will be contacted on your registered email and t-shirt will be shipped.

We hope to see you in our future webinars also.

Till next time – Happy Coding.


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