Getting Starting with Rollbase Platform on-Premise

In this tutorial, we will go over install Rollbase Platform on your environment. In this post we focus on installing Rollbase on windows server environment for Single Server/non-high availability development use. Post will cover the following areas

  • overview and Features
  • install
  • Database Configuration
  • Startup and overview

Overview of Rollbase:

Progress Rollbase enables you to build all of your business applications in one place from the comfort of your Web browser while writing a minimum amount of code (typically 80% clicks, 20% code). Reduce your development time and resource requirements, accelerate your time-to-market, simplify application delivery and deployment, and provide a proven cloud platform on which to build all of your custom business applications. With Progress Rollbase, you are in complete control of your development.


  • Runs anywhere, no vendor lock-in: Deploy applications on-premises, in hybrid environments, in any cloud platform or hosted via
  • Integrates out-of-the-box with leading systems and API Support
  • Provides a growing library of pre-built sample applications you can start from
  • Migration: Automated tool moves applications to Progress Rollbase
  • Custom branding and App Store for ISVs and Resellers
  • Rapidly build apps with existing resources: Model-driven approach similar to eliminates learning curve and makes your existing developers immediately productive.
  • Develop without expensive, specialized skills: Rollbase developers code in industry standard JavaScript.


On Premise Evaluation:

Apart from hosted cloud ( , Customers can evaluate Rollbase Private Cloud on a limited trial basis. You simply register, download and install the software with no license. Without a license, Rollbase enforces the limitations on the product usage. However, all the major features of the product are available for the customer to try.

Runtime Architecture

  • One or more Java Web application server instances to which Rollbase components are deployed Progress Application Server (PAS)). PAS is based on Apache Tomcat® but is tailored to be secure for use in production systems
  • One or more database instances. The database can be on its own host or be collocated with Rollbase components


Note: Aspose.Words  and Aspose.Pdf for Java which is used for document and PDF creation would not installed in the this tutorial.

Install options:

  • Fresh install: Use All-in-one Rollbase installer for Windows and Linux, includes Apache Tomcat Webserver and OpenEdge Embedded Database pre-configured or an external RDBMS
  • Upgrade: Use existing Apache tomcat and Relation Database for Install. Use Zipped packages for advanced manual install.
    • contains all the libraries that Rollbase needs
    • contains the Rollbase config, and other folders.
    • holds the Rollbase.war files.

Rollbase Install Steps

  1. Creating an account for Private cloud installer at using following link:
  2. Once registered, user will be able to download applications files. Choose All-in-one installer file for a fresh install.


  1. For this tutorial, we’ll be using Let’s start with a MS windows server 2012 R2 on VM (vmware workstation) and Mysql community edition as the database. Configure the server with following software installed
    1. JDK – Java standard edition kit version 7 or more from Oracle Tech network
    2. Set JAVA_HOME in windows environment
    3. MySQL Community Server V5.5 or above with Mysql Workbench utility
  2. Rollbase Installation Process:
    • Choose default ports for Tomcat(use built in) and other web services


Email configuration

We’ll use gmail as mail systems, other options are MS Exchange and Google apps:


Once email is configured, Rollbase admin user details are sent via email – enclosed sample


Configure MYSQL Database

  1. Rollbase certifies use of the following databases, MySQL, OpenEdge Database, Oracle Database, MA SQL Server Database. For the purpose of this exercise, we’ll be using MySQL Community edition
  2. In Rollbase, we need to add database configuration in databases.xml file located in C:\Progress\Rollbase\Pas_Instance\rollbase\config



3. Once script is  installed, rollbase schema is


Configure MYSQL JDBC Driver

In order for Rollbase to connect to database via ODBC, we need to download JDBC Driver for MYSQL. Download jar file from:

Extract the file and place the file in C:\Progress\Rollbase\Pas_Instance\rollbase\config

Startup and Configuration

Scripts for rollbase platform are located in C:\Progress\Rollbase\Pas_Instance\bin.

Using command prompt, run startup.bat


After startup script, Master node and app server is started.


Rollbase has two admin credentials. Built in credentials and user defined (Email

Open URL: http://localhost:8830/router/login/login.jsp using web browser using admin credentials : Username: admin2 ;;  Password welcome



In this post we covered Rollbase Platform on-Premise install and configuration.


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