Creating First Cross-Platform Application using Kendo UI Mobile and Icenium

Learn and explore more about Icenium here

Learn more about Kendo UI Mobile here

Yes as you see in below image that I am developing an application for IPhone on my Windows Machine and this is possible using Icenium.

Being an application developer I am very much excited with the launch of ICENIUM .Icenium is Cloud Based IDE to create Hybrid Application. If you are new to Hybrid Application then you may want to read what is a Hybrid Mobile App? And you may want to read As a Developer why should I worry about Hybrid Application Development?

Learn and explore more about Icenium here

Icenium provides you two different types of IDE.

In this post we are going to use Icenium Graphite to create our first Cross-platform application. To start with launch Icenium Graphite IDE. You will be asked to Login to Icenium. You can login using any of the following as given in the image below.

Let us choose Telerik ID to login into Icenium IDE.


After successful login you will get a Project dashboard. On project dashboard you can perform following three tasks

Create New Project
Browse existing Projects
Clone a project

In below image you can see list of existing projects. To create new project click on New.

There are three project templates as following

  • Blank
  • Using jQuery
  • Using Kendo UI Mobile

Let us go ahead and create a cross-platform device application using Kendo UI Mobile.

Give name of the project. You will notice that you are not asked to select a location to save the project. Since Icenium is a cloud IDE, it saves the project in the cloud rather than saving it locally. Click ok to create the application.

Let us go ahead and explore Project Navigator. You will find project structure as given in following image,

On opening of index.html, you will find some prior code there for reference. As you see in below image that to create Hybrid application using Kendo UI Mobile, you need minimum following references.

There are three default files you will be working on. However you are free to give any name to files.


Let us go ahead and run the default application got created by choosing Kendo project template.

There are two ways you can run the application. You can run application either

  1. On Device
  2. In Simulator

On running you get application running in iPhone simulator.

There are four simulator supported in Icenium.

If you want to run the application in Android Simulator change the Device simulator and you are done

There are many other options available in Device Simulator. We will discuss them in detail in further blog posts.


In this way you can create, test and deploy a truly cross-platform application using Kendo UI Mobile and Icenium. I hope you find this post useful. Looking forward to share more learning on Icxenium and Kendo UI Mobile with you in further blog posts.