Getting Started With Rad Controls for Windows Phone

This post will help you to start working with Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone. You can download trial version from here

Learn more about Rad Controls for Windows Phone here

After downloading click on the exe file. You will get Telerik Control Panel as following . Select Windows Phone and click on proceed.


If you want you can change default installation folder on this screen or can leave the default. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Proceed.

image image

After successfully installation, go ahead and create new Windows Phone project in Visual Studio. In Silverlight for Windows Phone tab you will get Rad Control Windows Phone Application project template


As usual choose Target version of Windows Phone operating system


In next windows you need to select Telerik Rad Control for Windows Phone references. Select required reference for the Rad Control you are going to use in the application. I am going to use RadHubTile in the application and for that, we need following references.


After adding references, you need to choose type of Windows Phone Application from the drop down. I am choosing simple Windows Phone Application. You can check the checkbox to add Application Bar in the application.


Click on Finish to create Windows Phone Application project. After creation of project to work with Rad Controls you need to add references on the XAML page.


After adding reference you can work with any RadControl. For example you can add RadHubTile on the application page as following


At the point if you run the application, you should be getting application with RadHubTile as following.



In this way you can set up environment to start developing Windows Phone Applications using Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone. In further posts we will get deeper into capabilities of all the Rad Controls.



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