Download Slides and Source Codes from Rad Controls for Windows 8 Webinar

Download Webinar Resources from here

Thank you so much for attending webinar Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Windows 8 RadControls . I hope it was useful. If you have not done it yet then I strongly recommend you to download free trial of RadControls for Windows 8and start playing around it. You will find more resources at below given links

Product Overview

Download free tiral from here

Find Fourm here

Demo Applications

Documentation on XAML based Rad Controls for Windows 8

Documentation on HTML based Rad Controls

In webinar we started with discussion on development for Windows Store. We discussed on various aspect in choosing development option. We did a walkthrough of various RadControls for Windows8. In detail we discussed on following RadControls in HTML based Windows Store Application,

  • RadChart
  • RadAutoCompleteBox
  • RadNumericBox
  • RadDropDownList
  • RadHubTile

Download Webinar Resources from here

If you need more information and any assistance then please feel free to get connected with me at @debug_mode or send me mail on . Thanks once again for attending the webinar.


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