Few Queries on Test Studio : Answered

Recently I was giving demo on Test Studio. While demo there were few questions popped up . In this blog I am consolidating those questions such that it would be useful for all Test Studio users.


Does it work with Telerik SL CONTROLS

Yes Test Studio support SL controls. For demo, please see Telerik TV and look at the videos listed under the Silverlight tag:


How would it integrate into a CI ENVIRONMENT

You can find more details about CI integration at


How Test Studio works with MS LAB

We don’t have anything specific with how we integrate with the TFS/VS lab environment.

How does it run tests? Does it require agents to installed

If you want the tests run via the scheduler or remotely then you do need an agent installed. You can find more details here


Does it support SL 4 +

Yes Test Studio supports Silverlight 4+

Does it support mobile platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iPhone

Test Studio supports IOS but as a separate product. Currently Test Studio do not support Windows Phone and Android

Can Test Studio Framework API can be used from MS TEST

Yes it can be used with MS Test.  You can find more details at



I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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