Revamping Web Applications Part-1

Web applications have been around for quite some time. Generally, developers have been handed applications to enhance and extend with new functionality. This series of blog posts aims to showcase revamping/enhancing an existing web application.


The web application that we are going to select is a simple application that has been used for creating ad hoc social networks at events. The application enhances the utility of an in person event by providing opportunities of structured networking amongst attendees. The application presents a searchable directory of attendees. Sessions being conducted at the event are listed for delegates to build their personalised schedules. Once an attendee logs-in the application with the verified credentials he can communicate with other attendees and setup meetings with them. The organisers can benefit by making last minute changes to the sessions/ speakers at the event. Aspects of social gaming are included in the application to make it more interesting for the attendees.

Enhancements to the application can be categorized as follows:

  1. Improving User Experience
  2. Improving Functionality
  3. Improving Performance
  4. Multi-platform Support

The enhancements to the website will be done over 4 months in the following phases:

Phase 1:
Preparing a local working copy of the web application with connectivity to the database
Document the web application with the current features
Propose enhancements and secure sign off on the same

Phase 2:
Select Tools to use for enhancements
Document the performance of web application by:

  • Application Profiling
  • Performance Testing

It will be important to select the correct metrics for the web application

Phase 3:
Implementing the modifications proposed in the previous phases

  1. Upgrading to RadListView
  2. Converting GridView to RadGrid
  3. Working With RadWindow
  4. Implement RadScheduler
  5. Implement RadAutoCompleteBox

Make sure that modifications don’t introduce new bugs in the applications

Phase 4:
Run test suites and remove bugs if any
Document the performance of the enhanced web application by:

  • Application Profiling
  • Performance Testing

Highlight the changes in the selected metrics.

By using this application, the attendees benefit from interacting with targeted audience and building their professional circle more effectively.


In this post we have seen objective of the application and in next part we will discuss the possible enhancements and new features which can be added.

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