Revamping Web Applications Part-2

Read part one here – Revamping Web Applications Part-1

The web application we have chosen is about social networking at events.

This post briefs about the existing features of the application.


1. Directory– Displays all members attending a particular event
2. Sessions- Displays various event-schedules and their track
3. Inbox- Displays messages and request you receive
4. Tasks- Displays all the tasks
5. My Profile- Displays personal information



All the delegates registered are visible in a list form. A specific genre of audience can be filtered on the basis of different parameters such as City, Country, Tag, Designation, Company, Role and experience.

You can view the profile of a delegate and connect to them. In their public profile you could see job description and links to their various social networks. Once you are connected to another delegate you will also have the privilege to see their personal details.

The web application has a feature of social gaming and the top five scorers are displayed on the home screen.



All the events/talks/workshops along with their date, time, venue and track are shown. Further information about speakers and other attendees can be viewed based on individual talks.

You can explore an event and add it to your personal list of event. There is a sub-tab “Cart” under sessions’ tab which displays the events you have registered for. The Cart would help notify the attendees about last minute changes or pre-requirements for the event (if any).



Other than receiving text-messages you interact with other delegates by sending meeting requests. Other types also include contact request.

The person can view sent items along with the timestamp if needed.



The tasks are meant to create a list of jobs or reminders for self. A task can be categorised with options like task created, completed, cancelled or deferred. Task url specifies the micro formats.

My Profile

A person can view and update his profile. The profile includes name, DOB, address, designation, years of experience, personal contact details. You can change your account password. Set your url feeds for your blogs and social networking websites to connect with delegates.


You can also define tags which would help delegates find you easily based on various technologies. image


In this post we have discussed on the key features of the application. Next we are going to elaborate on the testing results and its architecture.

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