How to Activate Test Studio Installation

In this post we will take a look on Activation process of Test Studio. After successful installation of Test Studio, you will be prompted to activate the installation.


Either you can activate the purchase license or activate as trial. To activate the purchase license select first option and click on Next to proceed further.


Again you have two options to activate. Either you can activate online which is recommended or offline using license key. You can find license key for Test Studio under Manage Product section of your Telerik Account. To activate online select online option and click on Next to proceed further.


Here you need to provide your Telerik credential. After providing Telerik Credential click on Activate to activate Test Studio.


After successful activation you will get above message. If you are running Test Studio as trial then you can activate it later as well. To activate it later launch Test Studio and click on the Help menu. In Help menu select View from About tab.


If you Test Studio installation is already activated then you will get license information as following image.


If you are running trial version then you will get an option to activate license.


In this way you can activate Test Studio. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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