Download Slides and Source Code of Webinar Create Hybrid Mobile Application in 1 hour

Download Presentation and Source Code from here

Read more about Icenium here

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View recorded webinar below:

Thank you so much for attending the webinar on Create Hybrid Mobile Application in 1 hour . I had great time presenting and interacting with each one of you. I hope webinar was useful and worth your time.

In the webinar we covered:

  • What is a Hybrid Mobile Application?
  • How it is different from Native Applications?
  • Working with Icenium
  • Understanding different project templates of Icenium
  • Understating the project structure of an Icenium project
  • Working with Application Layout
  • Working with Views
  • Working with Kendo DataSource
  • Working with Kendo Templates
  • Working with Kendo ListView
  • How to insert records in a database from a Hybrid Application
  • Working with OData in a Hybrid Application

If after attending the webinar you are still excited for Hybrid Application development, then Download Icenium from here – it is completely free till May. You can learn more about Kendo UI here

Download Presentation and Source Code from here

Question and Answers from Webinar

How will we connect our local development database to build these apps using Icenium

Icenium is cloud based IDE and it cannot directly connect to SQL Server or any other database. You have three options

  1. Create a service layer over database and work with service in Icenium
  2. Expose data as OData and can work with OData in Icenium.
  3. Icenium allows you to work with HTML5 storage directly.

Does Icenium support Windows Phone?

As of now Icenium does not support Windows Phone. But it is in Roadmap. Read more here

Does Icenium support Enterprise Application Development?

Icenium only allows you to create Cross Platform device applications at this time.

What other datasource can be used other than SQL?

In Hybrid Applications you can use any database. However, you will have to expose operations on database as service. Essentially, you will be consuming Services in the Hybrid Application.

Can we use jQuery mobile instead of Kendo UI Mobile in Icenium?

Yes, you can use jQuery Mobile instead of Kendo UI Mobile in Icenium. To work with jQuery Mobile choose the second project template while creating a new project in Icenium.

Can you show a Login Screen implementation in Icenium ?

You can implement it in the same way you implement Login in any HTML5 based web application. You have two options to authenticate a user:

  • Call a authentication service
  • You can authenticate user from data stored from local storage as well.

Can we use ASP.NET WEB API in a Hybrid Application?

Yes you can use Web Api in the same way you consume a WCF REST Service.

How does Icenium Cost?

Until 1st May Icenium is completely free. Find more pricing details here

What is role of PhoneGap Here?

Icenium uses Phonegap (aka Apache Cordova) to build and package applications for various platforms.

Can we use SharePoint as Datasource ?

In SharePoint 2010 and onwards you get OData feed of SharePoint lists. You can use them to create Kendo Data source.

Can we work collaboratively on Icenium?

Yes, you can. You can invite collaborators by right -clicking on project and choosing the option for Version Control.

Can we directly deploy on device?

Yes, you can directly deploy on multiple devices.

Can we use Camera in Icenium ?

Yes, you can access camera on Icenium using Phonegap API to access Camera.

Once again, I thank you for attending the webinar. If you have any question feel free to reach me at . For update follow @icenium and @kendoui on twitter.


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