Working with Manual Steps in Test Studio

Recently I was talking to a customer. Customer was automating there CRM functionally test and they had to perform test steps as following,

Step 1: Navigate to portal

Step 2: Login to portal

Step 3: Browse through portal

Step 4: Logout from portal

They recorded test to automate as given in below image


Now they had requirement that they want to perform login steps manually. In other words they wanted to manually perform steps 2, step 3 and steps 4. They had a question that

Can we add manual steps to an automated test in Test Studio? “. Answer is “YES”.

To add manual step Add section in ribbon and select more option. In drop down you will find Manual Step option to add.


Select Manual Step to add a manual step in Test Steps. Give desired name of manual step and click on OK to add it.


After adding manual step deleted automated test steps for login. After adding manual step and removing automated test steps for login test will look like following


Now while running test after step 1 Test Studio will wait to perform manual step. In manual step login to CRM can be done manually.


After manually login further test steps will be executed automatically.


In this way I answered customer to work with manual steps in automated test. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.



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