As App Developer Why I do care about Icenium Everlive?

To get started with Icenium Everlive visits its Everlive portal here


Before getting into discussion of “Why do I care about Icenium Everlive”, let us get into our developer shoes and understand few generic requirements of any application.

An Application may need,

  • Backend data which should be secure and scalable
  • User management. Various level of user authorizations and authentications
  • Email Services
  • Large files as BLOB at backend
  • Validation of data , users at backend
  • Various kind of notifications
  • Codes running at backend

Icenium Everlive helps to solve above listed requirements. It is Cloud Based Backend as a Service offering from Telerik. Any services of Icenium Everlive can be accessed via provided REST API.


To get started with Icenium Everlive visits its Everlive portal here


Icenium Everlive provides following as service,

  • Backend Data
  • Large Files.
  • Users
  • Email
  • Notifications
  • Cloud Code


It provides REST API, JavaScript SDK and .NET SDK to access above services.


Let is focus our discussion on problems Icenium Everlive helps us to solve. Below I am listing some of the problems and how Icenium Everlive helps to solve them.

Problem # 1: Creating and Managing Service Layer

If you want to work with backend data, probably you need to do following tasks


As you may be aware that working with Service layer may be quite complex and require lot of development time. If you are not coming from backend and service development background then learning curve is very sharp as well. In many of the cases you end up giving most of the time working with services and backend database than working on business requirement of application.

Icenium Everlive helps you solving this problem. It eliminates need of service layer from your application.


In few simple steps you can configure content types (backend data) and can use them in your application. Icenium Everlive provides you following options to work with backend data from application.

  • .Net SDK
  • JavaScript SDK

Essentially you can work with secure and scalable backend data without bothering about complexities of service layer.

Problem# 2 Working with Users and Roles

In any application User management is one of the most important task. Tasks like

  • Creating new users for application
  • Managing different Role for users
  • Authentication of Users
  • Different level of authorization
  • Notifications to Users

All above tasks can be complex to handle. Icenium Everlive provides you complete User Management over REST API. Along with REST API, JavaScript SDK and .NET SDK are available to work with Users. Essentially to create new user for application you need to do a function call. At the backend Users and Roles of your application are managed by Icenium Everlive.


So Icenium Everlive helps you to manage users of application.

Problem # 3: Sending Email notifications

Email notifications are essential part of any application. Working with Email may be complex, it requires setting up email servers, working with template etc.

Icenium Everlive gives you complete solution of Emails and Email notification. From backend Icenium Everlive can send email on behalf of your application. It can send notification email while registering new user to application and validate users email address as well. At any point of time application can send emails using Icenium Everlive using custom template. Everlive allows you to create and configure email template as well.


Problem # 4: Working with Large Files

High quality images, videos etc. are always integral part of certain kind of applications. Uploading and downloading large files are another complex tasks as an application developer you need to do. Icenium Everlive ease tasks of working around large files at the backend. It provides REST API along with JavaScript and .NET SDK to work with files.

Icenium Everlive helps,


Icenium Everlive provides backend services to speedup application development. As a developer we can clearly see that Icenium Everlive offers all back end functionality as service which we can leverage in different kind of applications. Certainly it is something we need to care about. In further posts I will get into other details of Icenium. Tune in for same. Thanks for reading.


To get started with Icenium Everlive visits its Everlive portal here


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