Hello Test Studio Desktop: New Immersive experience

Test Studio has got all new user interface and look. Now it is lighter and more immersive. After installing latest version you will find TEST STUDIO Desktop home as given in below image.


There are three section

  1. Recent Projects section
  2. Option to create new project , open existing project and open sample project
  3. Option to watch Get Started video right from launching pad

You can create new project by clicking on Create new project option. Here you select location to create project and can give a desired name to project.


In latest Test Studio desktop version Project dashboard look like below,


Right from project dashboard you can connect to TFS and do Check In and Check Out.


You can perform following operation on TFS from project dash board

  1. Check in
  2. Check out
  3. Open existing project from source control
  4. Connect to TFS

Right from project dash board you can connect to

  1. Team Pulse
  2. QC
  3. Bug tracking tools

Now there is new experience to create new test also


Now you can record test in any browser. Test Studio supports cross browser recording. In later posts I will show you in detail recording options. In new version recorded tests look like as following,


In further posts we will explore other new features of new Test Studio Desktop. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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