Resources for Webinar “Hybrid Mobile Application Development with cloud based IDE – Icenium”

On Jun 25th we conducted a webinar titled “Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Cloud based IDE Icenium”. This is part of an ongoing webinar series we here at Telerik India are doing targeting APAC region. We call this the Telerik .NET Ninja Developer Webinar Series. You can take a look at the Jun-Jul schedule here:

Get it started with Icenium here


In webinar we discussed following topics,

  • What is Hybrid Application
  • Introducing Icenium
  • Introducing Kendo UI Mobile
  • Creating Employee Details App on Northwind database
  • Working with Views , Template , Datasource
  • Consuming services

Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck which I used for the webinar

Recorded webinar

Here is the recorded webinar



NET Ninja T-Shirt Giveaway:

We select 2 person from the webinar attendees and give away our .NET Ninja T-Shirt in each of our webinars. We have picked up 2 lucky persons in this webinar too. They are:

Jalani S

Nitish Agarwal

Congratulations to the winners. We will be contacting you shortly and we will ship your t-shirts.


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