How to configure Identification or Find Logic of Element in Test Studio

In this post we will take a look on how to configure Find Logic of an element in Test Studio…

Being a Test Professional while automating test there is one common question all of us are worried about and question is,

Will Test fail if id of element being changed in development? Or what will happen if Element id is changed?

Yes Test will fail but there is a way you can change configuration and Find Logic

Test Studio allows you to change Find Logic at the project level. By Default Test Studio search an element on

  • Id of element
  • Name of element

You can browse to find logic setting of Test project by clicking on

Project -> Show Setting


In Project Setting dialog box click on identification logic option. Here you can find identification logic and change it as per requirement to your project.


As you can clearly see that by default Test Studio find an element on its Id. If you believe that ID of elements are very much likely to be changed with each development cycle then you may opt to find an element on its other property. If you believe that Name of the elements are not expected to change frequently then you can consider to change project setting to find an element on its Name attribute.

To change Find Logic select any attribute then click on up/down arrow to change its position. For example Name is at second from top. To make it first attribute on which Test Studio will find element select Name and then click on up arrow button to bring it at the top in the list.


In this way you can configure Find Logic. You may notice that if required you can add new Tag to list as well. So we just witnessed that Test Studio as automated testing tool is very flexible and allows us to configure Find Logic as our own requirement.

I hope you find this post useful. To speedup automated testing do not forget to download trail of Test Studio from here



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