How to record test using Google Chrome Browser in Test Studio


In this post we will take a look on how to use Chrome Browser to record in Test Studio Desktop. New release of Test Studio allows you to record in any browser.

Learn more about Test Studio here

Let us say you have created a Web Test with title Login Test HR. On project dash board double click on test to navigate test dash board.


On Test dashboard you see that on ribbon there is Quick Execution section. In that select browser you want to record with. After selecting browser click on Record button. Once Test Studio is successfully connected to Chrome, you will find chrome ready for recording as given in below image,


Navigate to page for testing. You need to provide page URL in Test Studio recorder built in navigation bar. You will get Test Studio Recorder navigation bar in bottom of browser.


In bottom of browser you will find Test Studio Recorder tool box


Here you get below options,

  • Pause recording
  • Highlight element
  • Help with recording
  • Expand recording menu

Choose option of Highlight Elements to select any element on DOM. After clicking on Highlight element when you move mouse over page, you will find red rectangle around selected DOM element. On selecting an element you will get hand icon on selected element. On clicking you will get many options related to selected element as shown in below image,


Here you got different options to work with selected elements.

  • Verification
  • Locate in DOM
  • Add to repository option
  • Muse actions etc.

When you click on All Action in bottom of browse you will find Test Studio recorder expanded.


Here you can select any verification option like and all them in test

  • Content
  • Attributes
  • Style
  • Properties

In this way you can now record a test using Chrome in Test Studio. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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