How to execute Test in different Environment in Test Studio

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To execute test in different environment you need to set base URI at project level. Very first let us understand that why we need BaseURL? Assume a scenario when you need to run test in different environment. For example your test should run in following environments

  • Testing environment
  • Staging environment
  • Production environment

Now suppose for testing environment you have recorded test as follows,


As you see first step of test is navigating to base URL of testing environment. Problem will occur when you will move test from testing environment to some other environment. In that scenario for each step you will have to come back and change URL.

Test Studio provides a simple solution of this by option of setting baseURL at project level. To set baseURL at project level navigate to project tab and click on project setting in ribbon


In project setting you have option to provide baseURL. Provide base URL here and click on ok.


After providing base URL when you rerecord test you will find portion specified in base URL hs been removed.


So setting base URL at project level allows you easily to move test from one environment to another environment. For example in case of test environment set base URL as test environment and perform all testing. When you need to execute test in production environment all you need to change base URL in the project setting. I hope you find this post useful.

Learn more about Test Studio here


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