Recap of webinar Journey from Manual to Automated Tester


On 12th December 2013, we conducted webinar on Journey from Manual to Automated Tester in 1 Hrs. We had great time teaching Automated Testing over web to audience of more than 150.

Download free 30 days trial of TestStudio from here

Find more about Test Studio here

In webinar we covered following topics,

  • Why to automate a Test
  • Advantage of Test Automation
  • Getting started with Test Studio
  • Record and Play a Test
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Test Lists and Scheduling

If you missed webinar then you can view recorded webinar below,


Some of the Questions and Answers from webinar are below,

Which all technologies that can be automated by Test Studio?

TestStudio can automate functional Testing of

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Apps created using WPF
  • Load Testing
  • Load Testing of Web Services
  • Load Testing of Mobile Apps

Can we perform Load testing for more than 100 virtual users?

Yes Load Testing can be performed with more than 100 Virtual Users. Learn more about Load Testing here,

Can we do automation testing for excel application?

What I understand from this question that you want to automate testing of

  • Reading Excel file
  • Verifying whether data being written to Excel file.

Yes you can do it using CODED STEPS. You need to write C# Code using File System API and Excel API to achieve automation .Learn more about Coded Steps here

What programming languages does it support?

Test Studio supports below programming languages,

  • C#
  • VB.Net

Can test studio access Linux System?

No Test Studio does not work on Linux system. As of now Test Studio supports only Windows.

Can you please show how we parameterise the user name and password?

As shown in demo you can do it using Data Driven Testing. Learn more about Data Driven Testing here,

When you choose any Browser for test recording

Learn more about recording here,

How this tool is handled browser pop-up?

Learn more about handling popup here,

Is there any option for automating silver light application?

Yes Test Studio supports automation testing of Silverlight application. Learn more about that here,

Does it support flex?

Unfortunately Test Studio does not support Flex application testing.

Can we do testing for Kendo UI applications?

Test Studio supports out of box testing of Kendo UI Widgets. See Kendo UI Grid testing video here,

Webinar was highly demo oriented and PPT had very less role to play. However if PPT interests you then find it below,

Download free 30 days trial of TestStudio from here

Find more about Test Studio here



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