Resources for Webinar “Build a Mobile Dashboard using HTML 5 and Telerik Platform”

On Jul 24 2014 we conducted yet another webinar titled “Build a Mobile Dashboard using HTML 5 and Telerik Platform”. This is part of the monthly webinars we do here in Telerik India. This blog post is a recap of the webinar with resource links and video recording of the webinar.

Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is a flagship product from Telerik which is a HTML5 based client side UI framework. It contains Kendo UI Web for web apps, Kendo UI DataViz for Data Visualization and Kendo UI Mobile for Hybrid Mobile Application Development.


Kendo UI

You can know more about Kendo UI here. Also the Kendo UI demos are all online and can be found here.

Video Recording:

We record all our webinars so that if there is anybody who missed attending live, they have another chance to go through the webinar. So here is the video recording of the webinar:

Q & A:

Q: how to contert telerik web application to mobile compactable?
A: If you are using Telerik ASP.NET WebForms controls it is Mobile ready. If you are developing ASP.NET MVC application, you can use Kendo UI which is HTMl5 based controls set and can run on Desktop Browser as well as Mobile Browsers.

Q: Where can we find kendo chart keywords used in JavaScript?
A: Please refer Kendo UI documentation here.

Q: Can you give me the URL to try App builder directly?
A: AppBuilder is part of our Telerik Platform. Please sign up for Telerik Platform here.

Q: What is the difference with singlepage app and a mobile app?
A: Single Page App or SPA as it is known as is just a pattern that many app developers utilize to build modern day web site/apps and Mobile Apps.

Q: How did u initiate simulator?
A: From the AppBuilder select Run > In Simulator to launch the simulator.

Q: What is the relation between Appbuilder and Kendo UI Mobile chart?
A: AppBuilder is the IDE for Hybrid Mobile App development. Kendo UI DataViz is the data visualization control set to be used in a mobile app.

Q: How we can implement offline behaviour of application using Kendo UI?
A: Kendo UI DataSource in future will provide the capability of offline caching of data. As of now you as a developer will need to take care of caching the data.

Q: Can the Kendo UI support access of Native component of os? like camera , media library etc?
A: Kendo UI is a UI control set and hence wont provide any device capability access. Where as you can use Cordova JavaScript library to access the device capability in your mobile apps.

T-Shirt Winners:

We usually pick 2 random attendees from the webinar and they receive our Telerik .NET Ninja T-Shirts. Following folks are the winners of the t-shirt for this webinar:

  • Ashok Rapaka

  • Ajithkumar Rai

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you to get your address and ship the t-shirt.


Till next time – Happy Coding.


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