Resources for Webinar “Mobilizing Your SharePoint Data”

On Nov 13 2014, we conducted a webinar titled “Mobilizing Your SharePoint Data”. This is part of our regular webinars we do here at Telerik India. These webinars are scheduled on Thursdays of every month from 3PM to 4PM. You can look out for schedules that we announce in announcement category of this blog site.

Mobilizing your SharePoint data is a very common scenarios that most of the enterprises come across. We wanted to showcase how you can use Kendo UI Mobile to create cross platform adaptive rendering Hybrid Mobile Apps and connect to SharePoint using OData services that SP exposes. You can know more about Kendo UI here:

Slide Deck:

This was one of those webinar where i did not have a slide deck at all. That means there was no presentation and was all practicals in the webinar.

Video Recording:

Below is the video recording of this webinar. For those of you who missed attending live, you can go through the video at your leisure time and relive the webinar.

T-Shirt Giveaway:

As usual we have randomly picked 2 attendees from the webinar who will recieve our .NET Ninja T-Shirt. They are:

  • Ganesh Malireddy
  • Srinivas Panuganti

Congratulations to the winners. Rest of the folks dont worry. We still have a lot of t-shirts to give away. So keep watching our blog for webinar schedule, sign up and attend our future webinars.

Till next time – Happy Coding !


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