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Resources for Webinar “New Enterprise Capabilities with Telerik Platform’

On July 30th, we conducted one more webinar. This time it was about our new Enterprise Capabilities you get with our Telerik Platform. This blog post is a recap of the webinar.

About Telerik Platform:

If you are new to Telerik Platform, do check out for more information on what is Telerik Platform and what you get with Telerik Platform. We accelerate each step of your mobile app development journey with our Platform. Telerik Platform is a set of Cloud Services that help you with your app prototyping, app building, mobile backend, app analytics, app testing, app management and app feedback. Do check out the product page for more information.

Telerik Platform

Telerik Platform


Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used in the webinar:


Video Recording:

As with any of our webinars, find below the video recording of this webinar for your future viewing:


Q & A:

Q: In ScreenBuilder, can we use our own images for the icons?
A: Not in the screen builder. But once screen builder has created the screen, the app can be opened in AppBuilder and code can be customized or tweaked according to your needs. Screen Builder gives you a jump start with scaffolding the screen.

Q: How much can we configure the item template in Data List view?
A: You can create your own custom template for the list view items in AppBuilder. The Screen Builder just creates a basic scaffolding of the list view and its items. You can then take over and customize the code in AppBuilder.

Q: For the connection between Telerik mBaaS and Data Link Server, is it via a certain port number only?
A: Nope. Telerik mBaaS needs a IP or domain which can be pinged from Internet. In the demo we ran our Data Link Server on a port # and exposed that to outside world.

Q: How testing is done in Telerik Platform?
A: You can do Mobile App Testing using our Telerik Mobile Testing Framework. Its a framework for writing test cases using JavaScript as a language and test Native/Hybrid/Mobile web application. Telerik Platform also provides Device Cloud to test on real devices.

Q: Can i use your platform to build the complete app with database support on your platform itself?
A: Yes, you can. In this scenario you will be utilizing our Backend Service for database & AppBuilder Service which is nothing but a IDE for developing Hybrid Mobile App.

Q: Can we connect this with Line of Business applications like SharePoint, CRM , SAP?
A: Yes you can. At the moment you will need to work with the REST API that the business applications provide. Sonn, over the course of the time, we will be adding Data Connector capability out of the box to many enterprise stores. Stay tuned.

Q: Is there a restriction in programming language used during mobileapp development?
A: Yes, we use HTML 5, JS and CSS for development of mobile apps – hybrid or native.

Q: Can we do it using visual studio or some kind of IDE?
A: Yes, the whole Telerik Platform is avaialble as an addin for Visual Studio. All capabilities discussed today can be accessed from a browser and VS.

Hope this webinar was helpful to you and gave you an idea as to how fast you can become mobile with our Telerik Platform. We will be excited to know what you guys are building as part of your enterprise. Do get in touch with us for any information you may need on Telerik Platform.


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